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My name is Mackenzie and I’m a book blogger.

I read science fiction, literary fiction, fantasy and romance. I plan to venture into different genres in the future.

On my blog I post book reviews and my top picks. You can also check out the books I am planning on reading in the bookstack below.

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Book reviews

Becoming by Michelle Obama

To say this novel was inspiring is an understatement. While reading it I caught myself wondering if my own job was fulfilling enough or whether I was making a big enough impact in this world.

Michelle gives us an accurate depiction of what it was like to grow up as an African American girl in the Southside of Chicago. Letting us in on the struggles and triumphs she had in her youth. She showed how her mother being an advocate for her as a child had a huge impact on her. Giving her the opportunity to succeed.

Michelle touches on her high school life. She lets us in on how she always asked her self “was I good enough?”. This is something I feel like most teenagers wonder. She eventually answered this question with, “Yes I am”.

Michelle attended Princeton University as an undergraduate. She continued her education at Harvard Law School. Michelle continued to excel as a lawyer at a law firm in Chicago. Michelle soon realized on her journey that being a lawyer did not satisfy her, and she wanted to go into more meaningful work. She chose to take a pay cut and embark on a new career path working for nonprofit organizations. Reading about how she took the leap of faith to do something she was passionate about motivated me to explore my passions and consider new options for my future.

Her book continues on to detail the emotional, physical and mental challenges that she endured during Baracks’ time campaigning. Going to multiple cities a day and returning home to tuck in her children at night. It seemed like an impossible and unsustainable schedule. After a year of campaigning I would definitely need a year vacation on an exotic island. Instead of getting a vacation after the campaign ended, Michelle and her family uprooted their life and moved to Washington D.C. To the White House. Where as you can imagine, her schedule did not lighten up.

Michelle started multiple initiatives while in the White House. My favorite was her initiative for promoting children’s health. Living a healthy lifestyle is so important when trying to live a long and healthy life. It is important to realize that the habits we build as children towards health and nutrition can set the course for the rest of our life.

Throughout this novel I got a glimpse into how Michelle Obama views culture, politics, education, health, marriage and family life. Her views have opened my mind to a whole new world of possibilities. Thank you Michelle for sharing your story with me.

American Dirt

American Dirt took me on an adventure that I was not expecting. I never realized the struggles immigrants went through on their journeys to the United States. I never understood that they could have been unsafe in their homes and forced to flee. Terrified of what they were fleeing from and terrified of the journey they had to make to escape it. American Dirt describes the journey of a woman named Lydia and her son Luca. Their journey is filled with danger. Thieves, rapists and cartels haunt them on their route to safety.

After many miles, Lydia and Luca are finally safe in the United States. Settled and creating a new home. Throughout this book, I have learned that immigrants in the United States are constantly living in fear of being deported and sent back to the unsafe and terrifying place they used to call home.

This novel is a book you can’t put down. It will give most readers a huge paradigm shift they weren’t expecting. I highly recommend this novel!