Holistic Grace


My name is Kerri and I am the founder of Holistic Grace. I am a proud mama to Alice and Charlotte, and wife to a gem of a husband.

This journey began for me when I decided I can no longer put antibiotics and cortizone into my then 5 year old's little body. I knew there had to be a better way.

My wish is to create a home full of natural goodness, love, laughter and a whole lot of grace, not just for others but for ourselves. I want to take care of my family with easy home made goodies and natural remedies as much as I possibly can.

This journey doesn't need to be a lonely one. If you need essential oils, natural goodness, cheesy jokes and a whole lot of laughs in your life, then I'm your girl.

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PSK Starter Kit


This is the best way to dive in. The kit includes 10 amazing oils which support your entire body, physically and emotionally, as well as a beautiful dew drop diffuser. Young Living gives you an 11th oil for free. You will also receive a customized welcome gift from me.

With this comes a community of woman and resources. You will have access to all the information, recipes and support you could ever need. I have made such beautiful and uplifting friendships on this journey.

It matters who you sign up with..... Young Living truly wants you to use and love your oils. They want you to be apart of a sisterhood that can help guide you on this wonderful wellness journey.

The starter kit is an investment, valued at over R4 000. It has honestly been such a blessing to myself and my family.


1. How do I afford the starter kit?

If you need to save for a month or two, do it, it is honestly worth every penny. Once you start ditching and switching and redirecting your monthly budgets you WILL be able to buy the oils and products you need, you might even save money. Plus you get tons of freebies and ER rewards points that you can spend.

2. Do I have to do 'the business' if I buy a starter kit?

Absolutely not, it is an option, it is never forced.

3. The oils seem expensive, can I not just go buy from a local store?

Quick answer is no, unfortunately not all oils are made equal.

The essential oil industry is unregulated, which basically means that anyone can legally slap a '100% pure' sticker on the bottle and you will never know what is truly inside that bottle.

It takes 27 square feet of lavender plants to make one 15ml bottle of lavender. Therefore fragrance and fillers are common practice in order to make an oil more affordable.

There is a difference between cheap fragrance oils and therapeutic grade oils. As the oils are legitimately pure, a little goes a long way. Where you might need 20 drops of a cheapie oil, you will need 3/4 drops of a Young Living oil.

4. Why choose Young Living?

Other than the community and resources offered, Young Living is the only essential oil company that offers a seed to seal promise, ensuring the highest quality of oils are produced. Starting from the soil the crops are grown in. They practice sustainable farming, have farms through-out the world. They also give back to surrounding communities where ever possible.