Elevate Your Life

Give more so you can have more.

I am a girl mom of 1.
And a dog mom of 3.
I am an enneagram 2w3
( helper + achiever )

I LOVE mornings and coffee.

I am from MN but I am now living in LA.

Over here, I am living and loving intentionally.
All while celebrating the good forces.

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I have the pleasure of using these smart beverages that are designed to elevate your happy hormones, (dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins) health, and wellbeing.

Come sip with me.

A DOSE of gratitude.

I am so grateful to be apart of such an encouraging and generous group of people from all around. They’re such a supportive community. There is plenty of resources and education about this smart / happy coffee— in terms of mental health and wellness. I feel incredibly thankful to have an opportunity to help lead others to live more intentionally and raise awareness of what a health life can look like from inside-out. If you are reading this and something is stirring in your spirit, to do better and to feel better, and you desire these things as well, I want you to know you’re invited to come hang out with this coffee club. We are committed to helping, connecting, guiding, loving, encouraging, and equipping you. If you’re craving community, a sense of purpose, extra income, healthy lifestyle routes, the time is now. 💜