I’m so excited you’re here!

Hello everyone! My name is Keslie...but as most people call me Kes(; I’m so happy that you’ve decided to follow me along this journey and learn more about the amazing company I work for.

I have some really exciting things to tell you about that are changing my life and could change your life too!

Growing up as a dancer, I was constantly surrounded by beautiful girl with perfect skin, perfect hair, perfect bodies...you get the picture. I was always teased because I did not have these things. I had damaged, colored hair and anything but the perfect canvas for makeup. Because of this, I have always struggled with the way I see myself. My junior year of high school, I got super sick and so my immune system was absolutely wrecked! My hair and skin were already not looking their best and to try and fix them, I colored my hair even more and went to 4 dermatologists. Big mistake, it only made things worse! My hair was breaking off faster than it was growing and it seemed like every day I had a new pimple. I was at a low when it came to my confidence.

This is where those exiting things come in! In my eyes, every girl is beautiful but I KNOW how hard it is for some people to see their beauty in themselves! I’ve been there and i’ve done that. This is why I want everyone to feel confident in themselves and that’s what i’m here to help you with!

I have recently become a micro-influencer for an amazing hair and skin company! This is seriously the job i’ve always dreamed of! No micro manager above you making you do things, super flexible hours (as in you work whenever and wherever you want) and best of all, you get to pick how much you make!

The first step in seeing what it’s all about, whether you want to join our company or transform your skin and hair...take the quizzes on the next page then we can start the journey!