Love the Life you Live

When energy is high and there is passion, ANYTHING is possible!

As a mother of three and a professional with a background in industrial psychology, biochemistry and traditional medicine, I’ve always had a passion for being of service to others. My journey has taken me down many paths and I’ve had the opportunity to explore health from the perspective of nutrition, exercise, meditation, psychology and so much more.

Through my own experience with raising a family, managing a full time career and a business, I’ve found that what is at the heart of any successful, balanced life, is abundant energy. No amount of passion and drive can make anything possible without having the physical and mental energy required for living the life you desire.

Three months after having my third child, I rediscovered the benefits of a ketogenic lifestyle. I had such a phenomenal change, that I felt compelled to share this with everyone I knew and so KetoEnergyCoach was born.

Today I continue to help others like myself with busy lifestyles in their personal health journeys. My new venture has not only helped me transform my life through incredible energy and more than a 45 pound weight loss in under five months, it has also made me a very strong advocate for the ketogenic lifestyle.

I run my practice remotely as an Educator & Industrial Psychologist with businesses in the areas of nutrition, wellness, education and cosmetics. My ventures include KetoEnergyCoach, LearnTravelPlay, MommySeeMommyDo and Mirageskincare.

Where you can find me online: KetoTalks - FB lives at KetoEnergyCoach is a health and wellness resource running weekly on Wednesdays at 6:30PM PST. Launching soon in 2021 is the recently created Mommyseemommydopodcast to support and provide educational resources to women in business and their families. Additionally I’m active in several rooms on the social platform Clubhouse where I share my knowledge on topics spanning wellness, women in business, and education through travel while working remotely.

I am here to be of service to those who are looking for ways to love the life they are living right now. Let me help you take the first step and work on those energy levels; create the right mindset for success and let’s focus on designing a life you want to live right now. Feel free to contact me if I can be a resource for you!

Dominique Carole Maraj - LearnTravelPlay | KetoEnergyCoach

Learn Travel Play with The Maraj’s

Entrepreneurs Living Globally, Working Remotely

We are entrepreneurs and professionals with traditional businesses based in Vancouver, Canada. As free spirits, we have always made travel a big part of our life and while entrepreneurship was intended to give us freedom from the rat race, we were still limited in our ability to travel and live life exactly as we wanted. So we decided to flip the script and truly follow our own path.
What exactly does that entail? Well for one it means the freedom to travel to any part of the world whenever we want and spend time in our favourite paces globally. For another it means fully transitioning to an online income to give us that freedom. And for another it means teaching our kids to be successful in their lives through a well rounded education.

Over the next year we are leaving our traditional lifestyle behind as we set off on our next adventure with three kids under the age of 7. We are documenting our journey in real time so others can truly see that this is indeed possible and moreover what exactly it takes to accomplish this.

There will be challenges and we might have delays. But that’s life right? Messy, beautiful and full of adventure!

Please join us as we Learn Travel Play!

With Love,

Dominique Carole & The Maraj’s