What is the KetoFitKlub? —

Short Answer: It’s a Klub focused on Keto & Fitness! 😉

The KetoFitKlub is a virtual small group designed to help anyone transition into the ketogenic lifestyle and incorporate fitness into your daily routine. It is set up in a way that you can fully live these lifestyles on your own in 90 days. Yes, 3 months!!!

It is led by 2 dynamic women who are on their own ketogenic and fitness journeys. However, they have discovered through research and testing a ‘next level’ of these lifestyles that most people will not be able to understand on their own. Making this combination a powerful healing process for God’s temple!

Through education, support, correction and encouragement the KetoFitKlub has helped many people to heal their bodies from diabetes, insulin resistance, pain, high blood pressure and obesity.

Owner & Creator

Kimberly aka @_koach_kim

Let me introduce myself. My name is Kimberly and I am the owner and creator of the KetoFitKlub, LLC.

It was birthed out of my own personal keto and fitness journey. I have lost over 110 pounds naturally using the ketogenic lifestyle and fitness.

5 years ago God gave me my purpose and I tried to run from it. However, when the enemy tried to kill me, I surrendered to God. I gave him my complete yes!!

He revealed that my purpose was to help kingdom people to transform their lives spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

The KetoFitKlub was the last piece of the puzzle! Now I’m here to help others to totally heal their spirits, minds and bodies in a like minded community.

KetoFitKlub LLC

Next Level Keto & Fitness

Keto is more than meal plans and meal prep. It’s a way of life!

Every Klub has Rules 🤞🏼

These rules were NOT made to be broken!

The rules are designed to help you transform your mindset! This is what is required to have a successful journey!

As A KlubMate/Client you get…

Newbie KlubMate

Month # 1

Transformation happens in the mind first. This month is all about detox!!!

Intermediate KlubMate

Month # 2

After successful completion of Month # 1, you can graduate to level 2!

Advanced KlubMate - Month # 3

You’ve completed Newbie and graduated to Intermediate, now you can be invited by to the next level!

Konversion KlubMate - Transition Time!

You’ve completed Newbie, graduated to Intermediate completed 4 months in Advanced, now it’s time to transition to get to maintenance!

Let’s GOOOOO!!

This is where you get to invest in your health!

You decided this is for you and you want in! Now it’s time to invest in your healthy future!

KetoFitKlub YouTube Channel

Need motivation?! Check out our YouTube channel!

YouTube is a wonderful platform to store videos! Check out the channel for a good mix of stuff!

Why the KetoFitKlub?

Keto Grocery Haul

Why do ingredients matter?