My passion is helping people live their best lives!

I am happy you’re here!!

I’m Jennifer and I live in Spokane , WA ~ the beautiful PNW!

I adopted a ketogenic lifestyle 3 years ago to combat mid-life hormonal weight gain. I lost 30 pounds and found a whole new life!

I am now committed to working out, eating well, and incorporating pure therapeutic ketones to further my pursuit of healthier living.
Ketones have been the game changer that pushed me to the next level in life and health!

I am absolutely living my best life in my 50’s!
I am so excited to connect with you and assist you in discovering your best self!

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My Keto Life —

These are things I wish I had known in the beginning of my keto journey!
I just learned by trial and error!
I love my keto lifestyle and have been doing it for 3.5 years.
I am not perfect at the keto diet but I do love the keto lifestyle.

Link to my favorite keto hack!

Why I fast! —

There are so many benefits to fasting!

I intermittent fast most days for 16-18 hours. When I’m eating, I eat low carb/keto.

Once a month, I do a 60-hour reboot! An assisted fast that takes away all the bloat and leaves me feeling amazing!