It’s not about having time, it’s about making time

One of the best gifts you can give your family, is a healthy you

Hey there friends! My name is Rosie and I’m a health and fitness enthusiast. I am also a wife, mom of 3, and grad student with a full time job.

For years I obsessed over food, exercise and of course — the scale. This obsession came from losing my mother when she was only 47, and from being in unhealthy relationships. The unexpected passing of my mother created an unhealthy fear of becoming overweight and sick, and I was full of insecurities. I went to extremes to look “my best.” I even went as far as altering my body through plastic surgery. But that woman doesn’t exist anymore. It took years to get to the “real me” and though many will say my body doesn’t look much different than it always has (minus the breast implants. I explanted 2 years ago), it is definitely much healthier, stronger and happier now. I have learned to accept my imperfections and have embraced fitness and nutrition as a lifestyle and not this never ending chore that “I have to do” but rather, something I look forward to doing.

Whether you’re new to fitness or have been running in circles chasing your tail for years like I was, remember this — we all start somewhere and there’s always something new to learn.

Let me help you discover and build the best version of yourself.