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Key Inspection Services is your source for nationally certified and licensed Washington State home inspectors in the Seattle and greater Puget Sound area.
Servicing Standard Homes, Warranty Inspections, New Construction, Condos/Townhomes, Investment Property, and Commercial


Expertise & Peace of Mind

Standard inspection on an existing dwelling. Focus is on four (4) areas of concern: Safety Hazards, Structural Concerns, Components Life Span and Components Installation. Inspection of major systems such as plumbing, electrical, crawl space, attic, interior rooms, exterior, roof & gutters, etc.

A Home Inspection performed within the first year of owning a new home. Typically completed around the last months before the builder’s warranty expires.

Conducted prior to taking possession of your new home build. All major systems along with exterior and interior rooms are inspected for material defects and builder workmanship. A minimal cost to protect your new investment.

We make sure you understand all the major systems in the INTERIOR of your house, and what YOU are responsible for apart from HOA (Home Owners Association) responsibility.


Top Value For A Reasonable Price

Prices are determined by the age of the home and square footage. For homes built in the following years, add the corresponding Age Fee to the Square Footage Fee. We will contact you to confirm your inspection date, services, and all fees.

Example: a 1954 single-family residence (67 yrs old) at 2,700sf would cost $50 + $570 = $620

25-50 years old $25
51-74 years old $50
75-99 years old $75
100 years and older $150

Homes under 2000sf $500
2001 - 2500sf $535
2501 - 2999sf $570
3000 - 3500sf $605
3501 - 4000sf $665
4001 - 4499sf $820
4500 - 5000sf $905
5001 - 5500sf $1,500

Duplex $800
Triplex $900
Fourplex $1,000
Larger units, call for price

Condo Interior Only $400
Townhouse up to 2000sf $500
Same-day/Rush Inspection Report $99
Home Warranty Subtract $50 (original with Key)
Manufactured Homes $650
Addition Dwelling $225
Out Of Area Travel Fee $150
Sewer Scope (During Inspection) $260
Sewer Scope Only (No Inspection) $300


Seasoned Investor? New Agent?

We teach a variety of home inspection & construction related topics that can help anyone understand more about homes, common problems, and how to identify and locate them.
- Introduction To Home Inspection
- Power Previewing: find common major house concerns in under 20 minutes
- Prepare Your Listing For A Quick Sale
- What Is A Septic System?
- Top 10 Secondary Inspections
- Overcoming The Top 5 Deal Killers

With over 11,000 home inspections in the PNW and 1000’s of Septic Inspections completed in California, our expertise on homes runs wide and deep. We’ve taught over 500 realtors, real estate agents, investors, and first-time home owners about what to look for BEFORE listing and selling a home.

We are adding a CEU (Continuing Education Units) school to our company in the coming months. If you’re looking for real estate continuing education credits, new investments in property, or are a seasoned investor, we can help!

Click the link to learn when we’re holding our next class. If you have interest in a particular topic, let us know. The classes will be presented in person, online, and potentially onsite.


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Customer Testimonials

What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

Les H. - Seattle, WA
“Brandon from Key Inspection was awesome. Aside from being very professional, Brandon was very responsive to our questions and requests. The inspection was thorough and complete with a very understandable summary. We will definitely use Key Inspections in the future.”

Jeremy R. - Seattle,WA
“Brandon was awesome. He took time to explain his process and everything he had found. Highly recommend using this company for inspections.”

Stefan S. - Seattle, WA
“Never met Brian face-to-face. Our agent coordinated everything and what I got was a very detailed phone call before making the offer, and an even more detailed written report after offer was accepted. The written report is gold. It's pretty much the roadmap for home improvement / maintenance over the next few years. While Brian was hesitant to give ballpark estimates on how much repairs would cost, he gave enough for me to understand what I'm walking into. The whole thing was as smooth and convenient as can be and I would gladly recommend Brian and Key Inspection.”

Justin W. - Austin, TX
“As others have said, Key Inspection Services is amazing. We had Farren come out for one inspection, which fell through. Then we had Brian come out for another, which we're closing on in the next three weeks. Anyways, the group is super knowledgeable, patient, and made the inspection enjoyable. We have nothing poor to say (except a small problem that was more on us then them). For any inspection in the future, we won't even research who to go with, these guys were amazing.”

C J. - Minneapolis, MN
“We've used Key Inspection for 3 homes, and Florin, Brandon, and Brian each were amazing to work with. As a first time home buyer in the ferocious Seattle market, it's difficult to have to give up so many contingencies and legal protection in order to just be competitive. These guys have made our decisions to bid or not immensely easier and given us a lot more peace of mind. Each have been incredibly thorough, kind, and so great about explaining the details they see. They really are pros, and we're super grateful for their work.”

Christina G. - Seattle, WA
“Our realtor's normal inspector wasn't available in a rush, so she called Brian from Key Inspection Services. He did an amazing job, and walked us through everything and answering every single one of our silly questions. We were super impressed! Finally got a chimney sweep out to address Brian's concern for our chimney/fireplace, and even he commented that our inspector was really great to catch that the smoke shelf needed cleaning. It's a pretty big deal when you get complemented on your inspector.”

Ping J. - Redmond, WA
“Farren helped my husband and I inspected a few houses in the past. We feel very comfortable working with him. He's knowledgeable and humorous. Every time we are well informed with the house condition. Also it is really convenient to book with them through their website. We trust him!”