hereby i declare this one named Khansaira Banafsha was fictitious by 𝙕𝙖𝙫𝙖𝙡𝙚𝙩𝙩𝙚. and any resemblance to actual name, place or incidents is purely coincidental.

Khansaira Banafsha using Shirin Al Athrus, September 21th as Khansa's face claim and nothing to do for being or related to her in real life.

Khansa will speak using bahasa and english for interactions, and same things goes to her story too. However there's could be grammatical error during some words.

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God mod regarding Khansa is strictly prohibited without any 𝙕𝙖𝙫𝙖𝙡𝙚𝙩𝙩𝙚's approvement and this account will not following with the same figure as her.ㅤ
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About Faceclaim —

Shirin In Details

name : Shirin Al Athrus

nick : Shirin

born : 21 September 2001

placeㅤ : Jakarta, Indonesia.

religion : Islam.

nationality : Indonesian.

ethnicity : Arabian - Indonesian.

residence : Jakarta, Indonesia.

geser kak, jangan diklik. ♡

Profile —

Khansa in details.

name : Khansaira Banafsha

nick : Khansa, Nafa, Nafsha.

born : 26 April 1999

place : Bandung, Indonesia

college : Trisakti University

religion : Islam.

nationality : Indonesian.

ethnicity : Arabian - Indonesian.

residence : Bandung, Indonesia.

sign : Taurus.

blood : A RhD negative

geser kak, jangan diklik. ♡

the dainty wreath of daisies,

Khansaira Banafsha

A diamond was formed amidst war, pressure hit her senselessly. She was the dark secret buried within the earth, yet beauty bloomed from the eternal gem of gleaming light. She was the untold tune her parents played while the land was asleep, a fragile creature trying to survive within the revolutionary era. A young lady born behind the chaotic 1999 Bandung and an affair of her parents, but just like Persephone and her underworld, she glitters before her dark past.

Meet the young lady, she is one of the students of a Textile Design School. Not only is she brilliant in class, she is a promising member of the student council. As a future designer, magical dust sprinkled from her hands. Drawing on a piece of cloth, blessing some beauty to the dull fabric, creating heaven from nothing.

A dreamer who wishes to escape, but she failed, so she rewrites her history to live. She once wrote the phrase while describing herself, and she indeed knows herself the best. She has been fond of drawing ever since she was a little girl, giving color to the world she wanted to be born in.

But as the time passed, she accepted her for who she is, she has fallen in love with herself for surviving up to this day. In the eyes of others, she is organized, a perfectionist to be exact. She learned that diamonds, which are made under pressure, can still become the most daring stone and worth to exist.