Khemraj Seecharan

“Together we Can”

A son of the rich and diversified town of Debe - Khemraj Seecharan is an enterprising and determined young man with a passion for people, community and culture and the UNC’s Local Government Candidate for the Electoral District of Debe South Bye-Elections. Coming from a family that was always involved in community building and development, Khemraj from a very young age was no different, it is what he knew and lived his life always willing to lend a helping hand.  

Khemraj grew up in Boodoo Trace, he attended the Penal Government Primary School after which he proceeded to Iere High school. He is a Certified Financial Professional who holds a BA (Hons) Degree in Business Management and several designations from the world of insurance. He currently works as an Insurance Agent and Financial Advisor. He was the founding Chairman of the Penal Debe Foundation - a nationally recognised NGO advocating for Disaster Mitigation and championing disaster and community relief. 

Khemraj’s mantra is "Together We Can"
The residents of Debe South will see a resilient and charismatic approach to ensuring their stand of living and accessibility to goods and services is improved. He will work with Debe South for Debe South to create and sustain a more comfortable and safe environment. Khemraj has mastered putting people first and improving their situation is an innate and dynamic characteristic that will make him an excellent representative.