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Hey there, I'm Tin! 🙂

I am an accountant but I love doing videos and photo editing.

I am doing a motivational videos to inspire and motivate other people. Keep going and keep living!

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My YouTube Channel

Hi! I'm Betty originally from the Philippines but currently living in Brunei and sharing my life along the way. My channel is lifestyle based vlogs, DIY's, beauty and reviews. I have decided to be back in Youtube after more than a year of being inactive. 🙂

My honest review - Turmeric and honey face mask for Acne

I've tried Turmeric and Honey Face Mask for Acne

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How to properly TAG your Youtube videos

I am back in Youtube!!

Empty Wine Bottle Project

My YouTube Channel

This powerful motivational videos is about loving yourself, self-worth, self-esteem and self confidence. Keep going and keep living!

Let It Go

The Hardest Part About Forgiveness

Self-love is not Selfish

Healing White Light - Meditation

When It Hurts - Powerful Motivational Video

Never Give Up - Motivational Video

Positive Affirmation for Self Transformation

My YouTube Channel

Music KH - No copyright

Non copyrighted background music for videos, vlogs, facebook, vimeo etc.

Altero - Here With You

Skandr - Happy Ending

Niwel - Memories

Ashamaluev - Beautiful and Inspirational Background Music

LiQWYD - Weightless

Tobu, Bonalt and Hadi - Find Myself

Half - ID - Reverse My Mind

Oshova - Tidal Dance

Ashamaluev - Cinematic Piano Background

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