Learning & Earning

I make my money work for me, hby?

This is how I will be making a fully automated income through Bitcoin and Cash Fx.

I came across CFX in July through (believe it or not) Tik Tok @LourissaSetu. She and her partner were (and still are) killing it in this platform, so I was curious to know more - I wanted to create an extra income on autopilot while I was still at my job. So I jumped on board and purchased my first trading pack of $300 usd.

Every Sunday since, i have been earning returns back consistently to this day. I have left it in the background and 6 months later I've just looked at it to be honest, this whole time I've been earning my Sunday returns on autopilot while I literally slept.

After seeing the consistency of the returns each Sunday for 6 months I have now upgraded to the next pack and my income only grows while I watch it!

Banks and superannuation companies are at an all time low with their interest rates and have been for a long time, even though they also trade our money on the foreign exchange market like cfx does. They are no longer cutting it when it comes to being able to retire off the interest, so I wanted to find another way for my self and others, and this is it!

The current financial blue print is only allowing the average person to live week to week, it is not enough to create true generational wealth, so I am beyond grateful to have found this platform.

Cash Fx has a contract between you and themselves to ensure your investment reaches 200% over time. Meaning you’re investment will be doubled but the trick is to scale the trading pack ladder to the $100k trading pack to earn higher returns each Sunday. More of this is explained in the links below. There are thousands of cfx members and hundreds in our direct team, I truely do not no of anybody who has missed a week of being paid since being in this platform.

We are all making our money work smarter for us, and no longer bargaining our time for money at a traditional work place. I just recently retired from my corporate job at Commonwealth Bank and now have the time freedom to spend my days living, and doing what I love. You can too. We are living proof that this platform works and the fact is - numbers do not lie!

So whether you are just wanting an extra source of income while you work, or you are wanting to replace your full time income completely to retire early, this platform is for all.
Below are more details around CFX and how to get started. Please reach out for more help.


The information provided does not construe investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of my content as such. Every decision you make is your own choice and responsibility and is not financial advice. Trading on the global forex market is risky. Please only trade money you can afford to lose. No future trade results can be guaranteed, only pasts results.

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