Songs that needs to be added to your playlist this month

Listening to music is intensely therapeutic to me, and probably to a large fraction of people too. It helps me feel less stressed, and it puts me in a good mood. I accompany it with tasks that I find hard to do. For instance, I have homework to do but I’m not in the mood to do it. I just listen to music, and it distracts me from the fact that I’m actually already finishing my homework. ‘Distract’ is probably not a good word for it, but I hope you get my point here. Here I made an IG website filled with indie/rnb/rock/classic/lofi/I’m-really-not-sure-of-what-type-of-genre-I-like-‘cause-I-like-all-of-them songs I have recently discovered or have been obsessed with this month. I hope you like ‘em!

Moon River / Frank Ocean

Moon River by Frank Ocean has this sad dreamy vibe to it. It almost feels like I’m stuck in an optical illusion painting lol. I have known this song for awhile now. I actually didn’t like this song the first time I listened to it. But a few days ago, I was at this buffet and while we were eating, a band approached us. They asked if they could play a song for us, then we let them. They played and sang many good songs but what really snatched my weave was ‘Moon River’. The band was so good at playing and singing the song that when I got home I couldn’t help but think about how good the song sounded!


La Thune / Angèle

La Thune by Angèle is a French pop song which I had discovered from a YouTuber named Jessica Vu. She featured this song from her recent video ‘OUTFITS BASED ON MY FAVORITE SONGS’. And y’all, I canNOT understand a single word from this song but I still love it.


Why iii Love The Moon. / Phony Ppl

If you like Tyler The Creator’s song, See You Again, you will LOVE this. Do I really have to explain why?


Sink into the Floor / Feng Suave

Sink into the Floor by Feng Suave is also a pop song. It has Calvin Harris and Frank Ocean’s song called ‘Slide’ flow to it. I just, I stan.


My Favorite Fish / Gus Dapperton

Again, the vibes—I LIKE!