About Me

Fearless woman 💪🏽

A little description about me! I am a Mother to a wonderful little boy ❤️. I am 22 years old. I have been a cosmetologist for almost 4 years, I also attended cosmetology school for teaching and it has been my passion ever since. I recently became a Market Partner with Monat 🙌🏽. I have done so many wonderful things in my life from becoming a Mother to working as a cosmetologist/ Model for a photo shoot, to working on a movie as a cosmetologist with my former students, to being chosen to work as a cosmetologist on 69 news! There’s so much more.

Throughout my life I’ve always been inspired by so many different things and people❤️. When I was 6 years old I started dancing and ever since, I’ve danced my whole life. I also played sports throughout my life and loved always being on the go and moving around. I’ve played the only girl on the dodgeball team in middle school, to also playing on the girls basketball team in middle school and part of high school. My last two years of high school I was a Track and Field thrower and I was pretty great at Shot put, Javelin and Disc throwing.

This is just a little bit about things I’ve done throughout my life. I’ve done so many things from winning a 1st place certificate in hair design to receiving an award from the president!

Thank you for getting to know me! 😊

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