My Story

Inhale you future Exhale your past Embrace your legacy

Hi I’m Kiara!

I’m a mama of both. I have 2 very active and silly boys and 1 sweet baby girl. I started my health and fitness journey postpartum with Benjamin (my second) and it has forever changed my life!

In 2015, Alexander was born and I was a first time mama. I loved my job and NEVER thought I would want to be a Stay at Home Mom. That all changed when I returned to work! I found myself counting down the seconds and constantly looking at the picture of my newborn. I was miserable and needed a way out. The solution was simple. Become a SAHM but in order to make that happen my hubby, Micah, and I had to make a lot of sacrifices.

We both resigned from our jobs and moved our little family cross-country where we could afford to live with only one income. Micah worked a lot and I left behind everyone and everything I knew and loved. Alone in a new state I started to feel depressed but pushed and ignored all my feelings because I was home with my baby and it was worth the sacrifice.

Fast forward to being a new mama of 2 and I started to drown! All those feelings I pushed down were bursting out and I no longer recognized myself. Two months postpartum and I knew something was wrong. I talked to my hubby and reached out to my doctor. Postpartum depression and anxiety had hit and they hit hard!

When I most needed it, I found a community of mamas who were working to be their best selves and I joined them. I started working out 30 minutes from home with my boys and started to feel better. Little by little I started to gain my confidence back, started sharing my story, helping other mamas like me, and weaned off my depression and anxiety medication.

I now manage through exercise, sharing my story and journey, and helping other mamas be and feel their BEST!

I am helping women build their own business and provide freedom. Both financial and time with their loved ones. I am part of a Top 10 team which means I can show you how to replicate my success and have the resources and trainings to help you achieve your fitness and business goals.



Live life on your terms!

This business is all about supporting and encouraging others on their health and fitness journey all while working on your journey and building a life of freedom!

You don’t need to have any certifications, be a fitness expert, or at your ideal weight. All you really need is heart, hustle, & WiFi 💗

Daily Coaching

Every morning I wake up without an alarm (unless I want to 😉) live in yoga pants, and help women feel and be comfortable in their skin. All from home with my 3 littles by my side.

I’m designing my life and living it on my terms! I’m a mother first and decide the hours I work so I can soak up my babies. Staying home with them is everything to me and I want to help as many women as I can stay and come home to their babies.

I love building this business while working on my own health fitness. I get paid to workout, eat clean, and help other women do the same. How incredible is that?!

Inhale Exhale Embrace Sisterhood

We are raising babies and building business!

We are a bunch of mamas on a mission! We are working to provide our families freedom. Whether it’s financial freedom or the freedom to be home with our babies. We work during nap times and our littles join our business meetings.

You are the CEO of your business but you are joining our sisterhood and we are just that! A sisterhood of hard working women who will support you every step of the way as you build a successful business.

Why join our Sisterhood ?

Inhale Exhale Embrace Sisterhood is part of a 2X TOP TEM TEAM in the entire network of 450,000 teams! We create leaders and help you build a successful business quickly.

When you join IEE Sisterhood, you are immediately plugged in and we will work together in my one on one Mentorship. This will be done through team calls, exclusive coach academy, team page, and messages. Not just my support but the support of our entire Sisterhood 💗

Ready to join Inhale Exhale Embrace Sisterhood ?

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Fit Squad

What you do today can improve all of your tomorrows!

A fit squad is a virtual accountability group and it’s the secret sauce to your health and fitness journey!

As mothers we tend to take care of everyone else before ourselves. But you cannot pour from an empty cup and this is where my fit squads come in.

I completely lost myself in motherhood and it wasn’t until I started to take care of myself that I was able to fully take care of my family.

Working on my health and fitness made me a better mama, wife, and human. It’s my stress and anxiety relief, it makes me happy, and it’s bonding time with my boys (when they join me)

How does it work?

As moms it can be so hard to find time to focus on yourself again and that’s where my Fit Squad comes in with 

* 30 minute at home workouts
* clean eating meal plan
* superfoods shake
* support of other women

The group is ran through a private app so only you and the other women in the group will see your conversations.

Prior to joining my Fit Squad we will talk about your goals and find the program that fits your goals and lifestyle. The programs range from 20 minutes to an hour and range from dance to cardio to weight lifting. All with meal plans to maximize your results.

Micronutrients made super easy! You will be eating from every food category. Yes, that includes carbs. Correct portions for your goals without depriving yourself.

This is a lifestyle change not a fad diet! We will be making small changes and creating a sustainable lifestyle.

I love that I eat according to my goals. Meaning while I was pregnant and now breastfeeding I can add extra calories, still loose the baby weight, and keep my milk supply high! I’ve done it with Benjamin and now with Katelynn.


I have had gym memberships and started fitness program but always stopped going to the gym or stopped the DVD program. So what made the difference?!


The motivation and support we give each other in these groups are everything. A bunch of mamas on their health and fitness journey. We celebrate our wins, encourage and support one another, and do motherhood together. A judgement free space to work on being your absolute best self!


Join my next Fit Squad Here!


Ready to nourish your body?!

Everything that has helped me along this journey. From keeping my milk supply high, staying hydrated, energized, and nourished! None of these have artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives!


SHAKEOLOGY is my daily morning shake and my healthiest meal of the day! I’m a very picky eater and don’t care for most veggies So the fact that Shakeology is equivalent to six salads makes it a no brainer for me! Shakeology also has prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes.

It's made from over 70 whole superfoods from around the world. It replaces my vitamin and probiotic, fills me up, gives me natural energy, and tastes like a milkshake! And it has nothing artificial!

It gives me energy, curbs my crazy sweet tooth, and keeps me full. I drank it through my pregnancy with Katelynn and while breastfeeding both Benjamin and Katelynn! it helps to keep my milk supply strong and wish I knew about it when I was pregnant with Alexander.

What sets it apart is that there are NO GMOs, soy, artificial colors, sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives! The ingredients are sourced from all over the world and the Shakeology creators regularly visit the farmers to test the soil and ensure the best farming practices are being followed!

Price: $130 USD for 30 servings (that's 30 days of breakfasts, vitamins, and calculate what you'd spend on 30 days of those 3 things - buying only the highest quality ingredients and vitamins- and you'll find it’s a deal!



ENERGIZE is my mama juice and what gives me LIFE! It gives me much needed energy before my workouts without the jitters! It comes in natural derived two flavors: lemon and fruit punch!

Price: $50 USD for 40 servings



HYDRATE is my all-natural Gatorade! It's perfect for replacing electrolytes during a tough workout without any artificial crap in it! It’s what helps my supply when I get sick, on those extra sweaty workouts, and hot humid South days.

Price: $34.94 USD for 40 servings



RECOVER is the post workout drink that rebuilds & repairs muscles and prevents soreness! The chocolate tastes like a Wendy's Frosty and the orange tastes like a creamsicle and is delicious!
We just released the new PLANT BASED formula which means it is perfect for my dairy free and breastfeeding mamas!

Price: $69.96 USD for 20 servings



BEACHBARS are my go to sweet snack! I keep several in my diaper bar and helps me avoid stopping at a drive thru. They are delicious and both Alexander and Benjamin love them. Oh and if you dunk them in your coffee it’s delish! They come in Peanut Butter Chocolate and Chocolate Cherry Almond. Oh and come December we will be releasing a new PLANT BASED bar!

Price: $79.60 USD for 2 boxes of 15



I had never experienced postpartum hair loss until Katelynn and it’s real! I am combating that, and the signs of aging, from the inside with my COLLAGEN! One scoop in my mama juice, it is completely flavorless, and I have noticed decreased hair loss and smoother skin! Mom win for sure!

Price: $34.95 USD