About Us!


Kiara and Plae are outgoing, and a loving couple from the North Texas area.

They first met in 2018, where they realized they both went to the same elementary school but never knew. They started dating at the end of 2019 and moved on to create a joint Tiktok account in 2020, that would motivate and inspire others to never quit and push towards their goals.

After creating their Tiktok account, they gained new exposure and opportunities. Such as being featured on rappers Lil Baby & Nicki Minaj’s Instagram page, and gaining over 100,000 followers and over 9 million likes.

As a couple, they volunteer at the SPCA, give back to the community, and participate in Holiday Food Drives for at-risk and underprivileged kids.

In the future, they plan to gain more exposure and to work on there brand that they have created together. As well as continue to work hard and inspire others.

Plae Wyatt —

Currently, Plae is striving to achieve his goal to go to the NFL and become an NFL Superstar. He plays Division 1 football at Rice University and intends to major in Sport Management.

Rice University Football

Kiara Nelson —

Currently, Kiara is striving to become an athletic facility business owner and leader in the community. As well as continue to get her college degree, and volunteer to guide and help others in her environment.

Our Motto

Loyalty Out Values Everything!

Brands We Have Worked With! —

•Body Armor
•NFHS Network
•Shine Med Spa
•Vitamin Energy
•Slate Milk
& More!