First off, take a second before scrolling through, reflect exactly how you feel. Happy? Sad? Tired? Think about 5 things you are grateful for, write them down real quick. Take a deep breath and let out all the stress of the day. Great, now that you spent a moment to reflect. REMEMBER it is not a bad thing to take a moment for yourself. As cliche as it is, it is important to fill your cup before filling other peoples cups.

Hey my friend,

I guess it is time to introduce myself, my name is Kiaya. Can’t pronounce it? That is okay, you’re not the only one. Think karate, HI-YA… KY-YA or feel free to call me Ky.

I’m just a 27-year-old, small town girl living in the desert of the PNW with my wonderful husband and two miniature schnauzers.I have always been a pretty energetic person, I would consider myself an extroverted introvert. I can be the life of the party but also I have a hard time talking to new people in certain situations.

2020 hit us all hard. I personally lost my job, was planning a wedding, and found myself having no drive or energy to do anything.I gained a bunch of weight, binged watched tv for hours and sat on the couch more often then I would like to admit. One day I decided it was time to take myself and my health seriously.

That is when I found Le-vel and fell in love with THRIVING! I went from “naps are life” to “life is too short to nap through it” with our all plant based/ natural products.I planned a wedding, moved to a new town, started my full time job again, started my side business with Le-Vel, lost 30 pounds and started taking myself seriously.

Working on my self development and finding who I was again in my late 20’s, never was the plan. But I am so glad I found this opportunity and now I am excited to connect with others and help them feel their very best self as well.

Xoxo. Wishing you the best.