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Hey guys I’m Kiaya

A few years ago I found myself out of control, I was working a full 60hr a week job as a chef, two kids and doing university degree.

My health,fitness and mental wellbeing took a battering.

I felt horrible. Not just in how I looked but how I felt. How that inner voice would talk to myself when I looked in the mirror or when clothes shopping was so degrading.

I got to a point where I hated myself and needed help. My doctor wanted to prescribe me medication but I really didn’t think that was the answer for me so I set about researching natural ways I could help myself.

The more I read,the more I realised health and fitness could save me. I started at a local gym not having a clue what to do but it didn’t matter I was there and I was feeling good. Through the gym I met some girls who called themselves bodybuilders and who would compete and I was hooked on this. At first it was to look good on the outside but then I dug deeper into it and the more I worked the better I felt, the more I pushed myself the string I felt.

How I looked became a by product of how my mind was feeling. Beautiful!

With this new love I decided I wanted to share that. To help other men and women all over the world feel better about themselves,love themselves mentally and physically. I enrolled on a Pt course and after that a nutrition course. Worked with coaches myself to better my understanding and I continue to eat up material and learn new things.

My aim as a coach is to help you physically but also mentally. To change your lifestyle for the better in a sustainable way you can use for life.I

My qualifications

Personal training level 2 and 3 from lifetime

This includes kettle bell training, trx suspension training, hiit and circuits.

Nutrition level 1,2 and 3

I have also been a chef for 12 years at a high level. When it comes to food and cooking I know my shit.

I'm currently starting my level 4 gp referral course

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