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Hey guys!
My name is Meredith Zimmerman, and I am a part time artist! My favorite medium to work with right now is colored pencil. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for ceramics, but quite honestly I am horrible with clay! I am a part of the Mentor Apprentice Program at the Peoria Art Guild, where I spend my Saturdays learning from local artists! I have been privileged enough to have won numerous awards through the Mid-Illini Art Show (best in show 2D) as well as ICC Portfolio Day.
I will be attending the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign this fall, and although I plan to continue making art while I am there, I will not be majoring in it.
My current major is Biology, and I mention this because my love of reading and learning makes up a huge chunk of who I am as a person! I am a huge advocate for creative expression, but also of spreading kindness and love to those around you.
If you have any questions or have a request for a commission, feel free to like my Facebook page and shoot me a message!
Quick side note, I am in the process of creating a more formal website to exhibit my full portfolio and serve as a place to request commissions more formally. It is coming in the near future!
Thanks for all of your support!
Much love,

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