Hawaii’s #1 band for kids!

Meet KB Hawaii! This band includes kids 12-15 years olds! JaeKob, Hália, Cole, Hayden, and Máriah make up the band!

Halia Answers Questions!

Halia Answers Some Questions about KB Hawaii!

Each Month, the kids will answer some questions about KB! Stay tuned for the next kids!

Question: How long do you guys have to learn choreography for a music video?

“It usually take about 1-2 weeks to learn new choreography for a music video. 1-2 week because of depending on when the music video will be filmed.” - Halia Pala’Kiko

Question: How do you feel about the outfits that are provided to you for a music video?

“A lot of the outfits that we wear even on stage is from ‘Sheppard Style’! Some of outfits I love and others are way out of my comfort zone, but they are so pretty!”’ - Halia Pala’Kiko

Question: Do you ever miss family and friends since you are working really hard by being a KidzBop Kid?

“Yes! But when we are not working on set, we get to go home! We don’t travel very far in Hawaii, so it’s not a big deal!” - Halia Pala’Kiko

Question: What days are usually film days?

“We mostly film on Saturday’s and Sunday’s so school is not a big deal.” - Halia Pala’Kiko


JaeKob Auk’ai - 13 years old - Malakilo, Hawaii

Meet JaeKob! He’s a 13 year old and singer and songwriter! He has made his own songs starting at just 4 years old. He remembers that his first song was about pancakes! JaeKob also dances and acts! In 2017 he met Nicole Laeno when he dance at the Playground! He’s been in several plays like ‘Mama Mia’ playing ‘Harry Bright’ and in ‘Aladdin’ he played the ‘Genie’! Good job JaeKob!
Favorite Animal: Sea horse


Halia Pala’Kiko - 12 years old - Maui, Hawaii

Halia is just 12 years old and is an amazing singer! She models and dances as well! She competed in pageants where she found her passion for singing during the “talent portion” in the Hawaii State Pageant! Ever since then she became known in her town for dancing when she shared a video of her dancing that went viral when one of her neighbors posted it! Favorite Artists: Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, and Selena Gomez!


Cole Mahi’ai - 15 years old - O’hau, Hawaii

Cole is a 15 year old singer, dancer, and model! He loves working on set with others and the KBH kids! He calls set his “second home” because he very close with the people he is on set with. He says they are “family” to him no matter how old or young, gender or race, even religion! He got into social media by first downloading Twitter and posting modeling and dancing videos as well as singing videos!
Favorite Food: Spam Musubi (Haiwaiin food)


Hayden Mahoe - 13 years old - Kihei, Hawaii

Hayden is a 13 year old actor and singer. He’s part of ‘BroadWay Hawaii’ and ‘Actors of Kihei Academy’. He has played in several musicals, like, ‘High School Musical’, ‘Peter Pan’, ‘Mama Mia’, ‘Matilda’, and ‘Madagascar’! Wow Hayden! Hayden has been on stage since he was 4 years old! The stage is like his second home!
Favorite Animal: Shark

KIDZBOPMariah  —

Mariah Aka’na - 14 years old - Honolulu, Hawaii

Mariah is a 14 year old singer and dancer! She has been dancing since 10 and has already won 3 Hawaiian state titles! She has been in many musicals and sang chorus! She’s been in “MAMA MIA” which is her favorite! Mariah is a star student in school! She gets straight A’s and plays a Trombone in the school band and is also a part of her school choir!
Favorite Animal: Elephant



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