Free Yourself

Inner healing creates space for you to re-write your story

Heart to heart
Women to human.
Mother to family

Kieana Rose Offers,
Free yourself sessions -
To allow you to become more free in your life & begin the journey of dancing with the waves

•Inner child support/guidance
Learning to meet your own needs
Highly liberating methods & tools to help support you though life, allowing you to create a deeper connecting to self & others.
• Intuitive guidance
• Doula - Before, During & After birth
• Workshops

Do you desire to feel more connected to your own being ?
Your heart?
Your intuition ?
Are you craving more connection in your world?
Are you feeling emotionally heavy?
Is your inner child needed to be re-parented?
Are you wanting your life to feel more wholesome, juicy orgasmic moments?
To get back in the driver seat of your life?
Create your own reality
Come back to love

I hold the safe space for you to learn vulnerability,
I guide humans to create a orgasmic life

Together we create a tool box of nourishing tools for you to carry and embody though life.

Clear communication prompts
Dipping into inner child healing
Boundaries setting
Connection rituals
Self awareness
Soulful practices
Self love
Self pleasure

Parenthood support

Supporting your inner world giving you the ability to shine as your authentic self in your outer world.

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My job is to guide you to free yourself from limiting beliefs of the norm, So you become your own kind of fearless.

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Personalised to suit your groovy soul.

1.1 Transformation session online
( & in person if possible )

1.1 coaching for 8 week period online

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Free Yourself Sessions

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Transformation session
(60 minutes)
Via zoom/FaceTime or in person

8 week Transformation
1.1 session
60 mins
Via zoom or FaceTime
$797 ( Sep/October discount)

This is broken down into
( 1 session per week over 8 weeks )

My intensive wholesome studies show that it takes 66 days to completely re-create and hard wire a new habit so together in this time
I will guide you, while you hold your own hand
re-writing your story & creating the life of your wildest dreams expressing your authentic self.
I will follow intuitively with how we map out these sessions, catering personally to you and your world.

The journey begins. All that requires is yourself showing up & us creating the safe space together. Us working together looks like zoom calls or in person work, mediations, intuitive healing, and going though powerful hands on exercises I have created. These tools you will carry for life.

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Covering the depths of re-creating &
resetting the tone of your life;
here are some topics we can cover within our sessions together.

Relationship with self as a whole
• Create the Joy menu
( to fill up your emotional cup)
•Dipping into understanding your inner child needs
• Deepen Understanding of emotional intelligence
• Mindfulness
•Wanting to re-create depth with relationship to your child
•Self worth
•Connection to creativity
•Connection to self sensually - Self pleasure
•Deepening relationship to your Partner
•Creating more balance within daily life
•Manifesting your dreams into reality
• Learning how to find your voice & fu*king use it daily
• If you are women guidance in follow your cycle
•Connection rituals
•Relationship with food
•Nourishing Household rituals
•Embodiment tools
• Guided mention

{Full discretion} PLEASE take note that money is a time and energy exchange, a deposit is to be made when booking sessions * Showing up is important to the healing process. With love Refunds are not available.
Know that I am not a doctor. Being supported by a doctor is also important at times when needed.
Choosing to work with alternative support is your choice. Non-refundable.

Work with me

Parenthood Support

If your feeling disconnected from your baby or child this is your bodies way of communicating that you may be needing external support to help guide you to discover a new way of being.
To bring more connection and happiness into your world.

Imagine if our children grew up with a deeper understanding of their bodies? Imagine if we received an education into the inner workings of our minds, hearts and bodies? Of not just the physicality of our systems but of the emotional and spiritual apect too? We are human-beings after all. Its time we connect back to that.

If you feel you are in a space of struggle and a mother, father or parents. I also offer more in depth sessions over in the “ offerings section “.

Imagine if our children grew up with a deeper understanding of how to turn into their emotional needs ?

Imagine if our GIRLS and BOYS grew up feeling connected to the sacred aspect of their body knowing how to self regulate, use their voice, have resilience, drive to follow their passion.
For girls their natural cycle.

So much of what our children learn in school and daycare has little relevance for what is actually happening inside of them. The behaviour of a child is a direct reflection of their environment. This is where my love for learning and teaching emotional intelligence was birthed from. Not to mention becoming a mother myself 6 years ago.

During our session I will provide you and your family with a excellent toolkit to create a helpful system to integrate into your home.

Work with me