musical biography

Kieran McKenzie Clark is a 23-year-old Santa Cruz born and Maui raised multi-instrumentalist singer//songwriter currently based in Maui, Hawai’i. They are a primary songwriter and performer for the two bands they co-founded; The Raging Suns and Upside Down Kingdom.

Kieran released their first EP, "What Are You Sorry For? (EP)", in May of 2016, with their good friend Evan Frederiksen. This collaborative project was the product of their high school senior project and was released under The Raging Suns.

Kieran studied religion at Westmont College (2016-2020). During their early years there they led what some would call a spontaneous worship night on Wednesday’s - which led to the creation of their second band project, Upside Down Kingdom. Their first self-entitled album was released in 2018. Evan was hands on with this project and process as the producer, engineer, and multi-instrumental performer.

During the pandemic, the Raging Suns have suspended the completion of their first studio album - & Upside Down Kingdom has indefinitely separated.

In the midst of this, Kieran has joined the vision of Justice Young to start-up a band called “Amrazi”. Their first EP is in the works.

Kieran has also performed periodically with the Glen Innes Session Band, playing traditional Celtic music on the island of Maui.

Kieran began releasing singles under their own name in 2019 with Forget Me // So We Can Meet Again. Gravitating towards the accessibility of LoFi - Fragmented // Melodies is the antithesis of Kieran’s sound. As an experimental Lo-Fi “mixtape” it is pushing back on self-imposed expectations for a project - Kieran inverted sweet-sounding melodies to present a project that encapsulates the fragmentation of life (particularly in 2020) - confusion, hurt, pain, love, contemplation, experimentation, cheap, plasticy, raw, real, convoluted, cracked, splintered, fractured, and whole.

Moving forward Kieran is working on a follow-up Lo-Fi; hip hop; R&B; trip-hop album tentatively entitled “afterthoughts” (as it follows the wake of Fragmented // Melodies). Kieran plans to follow their ambition in rock, island-style and psychedelic folk, pop, hip/hop & rap, psychedelic and dream pop, experimental, melancholy acoustic, and EDM after LoFi.