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Who are you if you don't follow what you really desire? I am passionate about supporting you to create your online space and automated online business to simply enjoy what you really love and care most... Daily...

Ciao! OMG I am so excited that you are here!!

I am Kika, a Digital Entrepreneur & Ambassador for Health In All Areas Of Life with a bit of ✨

I am mum of two amazing little girls, wife of a “very italian" guy and with my family I live in Sydney.

I am so happy to have you here to share my story which is my new journey as Entrepreneur.

I immensely love to live an healthy and shiny life with passion, love and enthusiasm and such a great goal to me is helping others to make their life the same.

I would like to say a couple of things first about my story.

I have always desired an abundant life, not only in terms of money but rich in more general terms, full of experiences, full of friendships and love, full of knowledge.

This has always led me to do so many changes, sometimes it was very hard but it made me so proud, it helped me first of all to improve my mindset,
I would like to be, full expression of myself, my best version!🌟

The push for change led me,
together with my husband, to start a new life here in Australia, and it has been fantastic!

I felt "Full Of Life" like never before, we built together a family of 4 and I actually cannot imagine my previous life,
simply because I am different now and I would not do the same things that were part of that specific time🤷‍♀️

But! It wasn't always perfect like that…

My husband was travelling a lot for work,
I could not give any financial support to the family,
I had just had my first wonderful child,
I did not have a job,


I have always been independent and ambitious (at the age of 19 I was living by myself studying and working at the same time).
I didn’t also have my family close,

I felt


Not to mention the trauma I experienced when my father passed away suddenly….

I spent a year in Italy and it had to be only 2 weeks…

I had to face unsolved situations all of the sudden, I had to understand how to fix family’s debts and expenses, it wasn’t easy…

And I promised to myself, never again!!

In addiction I felt so dumb, I didn’t realise my dad was so sick, so health for me became the most important thing to achieve and maintain…

When I returned to Australia I felt even more alone than before, even more helpless…


Inside me was alive a desire,
a Vision✨

Then something happened…

About 2 years ago I met on the plane returning to Italy from Australia a friend of mine🤟🏻 I don't think it was by chance...
As I believe that things happen for a specific reason!

She was moving back to Europe and told me about this new opportunity on line that she had started and which she was really passionate about.


I took a decision:

I had put myself in a condition to fully express what I am,

Bring with me these two desires, FINANCIAL SECURITY and BEST HEALTH together with a personal growth journey…

I started to build my conscious online business in the Health & Wellness industry, laying the foundation for a healthy, shiny life, for me and my family.

And now…

Thanks to its unique business model it gives me the opportunity to create generational wealth and legacy!! ✨✨✨
Ask me about it, if don’t know what it is….
I am very passionate!!💃💃

I am also creating relationships with people
that are such a great inspiration for me because of their vision to live and work with time, location, financial freedom!👌

They are creating a life of “choices” a life where you feel free to choose, for themselves, helping others to do the same!

I am just following their path…

It is EPIC! Yes! It really is because I am experiencing its potential every day🤩

It increases more and more my desire for knowledge and impact on other lives, and care about this wonderful planet every day.

I am allowing myself to do the things I care about most with the people I care about most!

So proud to build something exciting, abundant and beautiful!!

Be Brave and find your ✨

Click the link below to my webinar and come to see what is ready for you!

Much love❤️

𝑪𝒍𝒊𝒄𝒌 👉🏻𝑴𝒚 3 𝑺𝒕𝒆𝒑 𝑭𝒐𝒓𝒎𝒖𝒍𝒂