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My top recommendations on products available in my shopee

Total 88 Underarm Cream

Click link below. Search "88 Underarm Cream"
Most effectively underarm whitening.
Do not overuse.

Scarminator Cream

My holy grail cream for my butt haha!! Fave lotion din ni pearl. Sarap din ilagay sa kili kili, ang lamig! Pedeng alternative s total 88

KSM Room Spray & Diffuser Scent

Super bango mga mare!! Pede gamitin direct spray or sa machines like air revitalisors and humidifiers

KSM Brows on Fleek

The creamiest, easiest to apply eyebrow pomade!! Pang international un quality talaga

Better Cosmetics Lip Love

My fave shade is Determined, the prettiest pink magic lip balm i've tried!!

HerSkin Secret Glow

For me, this is the best maintenance skincare from a local brand

HerSkin Sunscreen 50ml

If naghahanap ka ng mas murang sunscreen, highly recommended ko din to. Super nakakabrighten ng skin at nakaka fresh pero napaka affordable

Brilliant Sunscreen Gel

Lakas maka brighten at glow ng skin. Hindi malagkit at oily. Ang ganda ng formulation. Andaming sumubok gumaya, pero iba parin talaga to. Yun lng, mas mahal sa mga ibang local brands

Pinky Secret Feminine Wash

Super effective sakin. Walang amoy down there all day. Tapos affordable pa!

Merry Sun Ash Grey and Super Decoloring

Affordable yet effective hair coloring! Ang lambot pa
I used Super decoloring (bleach) then hair color in ash grey

Unbranded Kojic Soap

This is the old formulation of Fairy Skin Kojic soap. My holy grail kojic soap ever since. Pede sa face and body

Cocoberry Soap

One of my fave body soaps na pampaputi
Ang lakas maka micropeel! Kaso medyo drying kapag nasobrahan

Glutalipo Gold in Milky Melon

Super sarap nito. Fave ko to inumin sa morning. May chia seeds narin kasama. The best!!!!

Glutalipo Juice

Takbuhan ko to kapag bloated or constipated ako. Basta weekend. Kasi grabe talaga to. Ilalabas nya lahat ng kinain mo