Killian Dareen Morgenstern




Name: Killian Dareen Morgenstern.
Nickname: Kill / Killian / Killie
Code: Deer.
D.O.B: April 22, 1996.
Current Occupation: Librarian, Cafe singer, informant (occasionally)
Height: 172,8cm. (Rounded to 173cm usually)
Blood type: O


Physical ㅡ

Hair: black / dyed (usually red)
Features: Lean, average Asian descent height, small hands, Deer like eyes.
Distinct features/marks: deer tattoo on his Right wrist & Back (right under his neck)
Sexual orientation: Man.


- Killian is a nerd for history and space.
- His dream when he was a kid was to be a historian.
- he loves cats and usually walking around feeding strays in his free time.
- Have a cute sphinx cat called berry (his boyfriend called her Satan tho).
- He was majoring in History and Anthropology in Queen's university, Belfast.
- Graduated mid 2019 (3.5 years) with honor tittle.
- Currently in relationship with his junior from uni for the past 2.5 years.
- He have 2 tattoos on his right wrist and on his back (under the neck)
- He got the first Tattoo (wrist) accidentally when he was drunk (talking about impulsive decision).
- He got the second one because of a dare.
- He always cover them tho, he always wear a hand band or scarf on his wrist or any accessories for the wrist.
- He knows martial arts and good in hand on hand combat.

His story ㅡ

Chapter 1: The Old Orphanage.

Weird Little Killian.

All Killian remember was, he grew up there because they said his parents died (he know they lied because he once accidentally eavesdropped the caretaker talk about how his parents abandoned him and he went on all Sherlock Holmes that night once they're all asleep, his parents was too young and unprepared to take care of a baby, cliché.), the kids were not really friendly to him because he prefers indoors to read books in the library and that people don't want him.

There's some family who come to see him, but in the end they leave with other kids.

The kids said that there's no one wants him because he was kinda freak, he reads and not playing with the other, he have fascination on history and want to be a historian? Which 6 years old said something like that?

Well that would be him, weird little Killian.

Oh, Killian was named by the caretaker as well since he was an unnamed baby when they found him infront of the orphanage.

They named him Killian first with the meaning bright-headed, and then they added Dareen for Wisdom/Dear/Darling, remembering that they said his eyes looks like a deer's eyes when he first opened his eyes with beautiful lashes and round almond like eyes, a Roe Deer they said.

And let's say that he lived up his name by being a "smart darling", literally. he grow up to be a very intelegent kid.

His curiosity often leads him to troubles, once he was stuck and almost drown in the lake in front the orphanage when he was 10 because he wanted to know more about algae and it was a very big problem that one time, if he looks back he would laugh remembering how his favourite caretaker was nagging so much to the point of crying (he felt bad so he apologized).

He was pretty much a history nerd, he love everything about history. He read all the book inside the library in a year and a half, it was to practice reading at first, but then it was hard to stop.

He spend a good time there, even though the kids didn't really like him, but the caretaker was all nice to him.

But time was ticking, in a blink of an eye he turned 14.

And by the rules of the orphanage, the kids can only stay until 15 before they'll be sent to the government foster care, which people know to have... Not so good reputation.

Chapter 2: The Man.

@Lumenbloom ; Vincent ㅡ Papa.


That one day in October, a fancy looking man came and long story short, Killian was there standing in front of the man.

He looks fancy, with someone standing behind him.

The Man introduce himself as the Duke and they talk.

He was quite mysterious, and really young for someone who wants to adopt kid his age.

But weirdly enough, Killian feel like he wanted to go, so he finally said yes, he will come.

The day came and he found himself entering a very big houseㅡ no, castle and he immediately feel out of place, but the welcoming smile from the sisters there and the other kids was nice.

That man, Vincent changed his life, he could be somewhere right now, probably living in some shady part of the town. He feels mostly like a dad than an older brother and the funniest thing is Killian was just 7 years younger than him. At first Killian called him papa just to tease him, but then it stuck.

So 'the man' now is papa. Mostly.

So that's how he ended up there, he learn a lot about the family that adopted him (learning about it was like opening a pandora box, and got sucked into it, it was wild ride but it was fun) and was given the chance to choose to become one of the 'shadows' or to just live normally as the foster, he choose to be in the grey area tho, he want to go to university and live normally but, he could be informant sometimes as well when they need information.

He moved out the foster to go to University but he always remember that sister Anna always said.

"Come home when you're hungry, I'll cook."

Chapter 3: Him❣️

@ scarypupper ; Jayden ㅡ boyfriend

"Jay" Shim Jaehyung

It was his 2nd year at Uni when he met him, Jay Shim or Shim Jaehyung, an international student from Seoul South Korea.

He's tall, broad and his voice is really deep, Killian was quite afraid of him at first because of Jay's strong first impressions.

Jay was in his group when he was chosen as one of the orientation PIC for International students group which contains 10 students per group and in his group, one of the international student is Jay.

The first time they met, Jay was so happy to see another Korean, but turn sad when he learned that Killian know nothing about Korea since he was born and raised in Newcastle and moved to Edinburgh and then Belfast.

Time passed by, and a year passed.

They got closer and Jay somehow make Killian interested in Korean culture and language, even the history to the point that he took Korean language course.

Well, at first it was to help Jay with his homesickness. Because Korean international student is kinda rare there.

Day by Day passed, Jay got into the University radio and often MC-ing for university events, Killian is in the reading club (trust him, it's a fun club) and sometimes sings in uni event as well with Jay playing the guitar or just standing there supporting him from the audience.

Their dormitory was close to eachother and Killian without knowing start leaving traces in Jay's dormitory room, and vice versa. Tooth brushes, jackets, clothes, foods, skin cares and even little trinkets like their accessories.

He didn't realize that something was blooming between them, all the little jealousy when he see Jay with his friends hanging out a bit too close, or when Jay kinda adopted Yuto a freshman from Japan because he look like a lost puppy (and yes Killian kinda fell into parenting Yuto as well the following week). It was all fun and everything just screamㅡ domestic.

He didn't realize tho.

Until one day, he was doing his paper in his club room, you know how hectic last year students can be, and Jay was back to Seoul to attend his Cousin's wedding.

A friend asked.

"Where is you boyfriend?"

@ scarypupper ; Jayden ㅡ Boyfriend

A week later Jay is finally back and Killian definitely didn't try to avoid him or anythingㅡ well he did actually.

In a week before Jay is back, he was locking himself in his room, thinkingㅡ well more like freaking out.

His friends said that the whole campus thought that he and Jay are dating each other, given how clingy Jay is and how Killian always throwing dagger with his eyes at people who is staring a tad bit too long at Jay. They assumed that because wherever Killian is, there's Jay as well.

They even got a nickname the red haired boy and the wolf because people said Jay resemble a wolf (more like a puppy in Killian's eyes, really) and Killian basically always dyed his hair with colours but shades of red is the colour that people said fit him the most.

Well the thing is,
He know he likes man, and he accepted it as it is, and his family also don't actually mind it.

But Jay...? We are talking about this sweet guy who is friends with everyone, who is as straight as a pole (well he assumed because he saw him literally kissed a girl in one of the university festival like last year?).

He tried so hard to avoid him because to be honest you can put him with the most notorious criminals in one room and he won't even flinch, but when it comes to feeling, he rather run because feeling is not math, it's never a fixed problem, feeling always changing, it was a rollercoaster and Killian is bad with feelings.

Jay realised tho, and one time he finally able to corner him in his dormitory and ask for explanation. Jay thinks that it was the perfect time because Killian was just done with his papers and everything, he was even changing.

"Did I do something wrong? You are avoiding me and I deserve explanation. Did you find out?"

Killian looks up, and their eyes meet.
The hurt and the longing in Jay's eyes and his question somehow give him hope, but no, Killian looks away.

"I don't know what are you talking about, Jay"

At that moment, Jay suddenly pull him into a hug, a very tight hug and Killian couldn't help but melt in the hug, hugging him back.

"형, 제발 피하지 마세요. 제가 무슨 말을 하거나 잘못된 행동을 하면 그냥 말해주세요."

Killian just stays quiet and shakes his head.

"그런데 왜 형이 사라질 것 같은 느낌이 들까요?"

@ scarypupper ; Jayden ㅡ Boyfriend

Both of them ended up crying in Killian's dorm room and it was probably their peak dumb and dumber moment.

Jay confessed that he realised that he like Killian around the first week he was on trial to be uni radio broadcaster where Killian helped him to be one of the guest and he also clarify about the kiss Killian saw, apparently the girl was too drunk and just suddenly grabbed him when he was walking around looking for some snack.

Killian also confessed that he realised that he actually like Jay just a week ago and Jay laughed.

"How are you're so slow about this kind of thing? You are so dense"

With that Killian hit his shoulder.
It was their first day, as an official couple.

Killian would like to think it was a present from the universe for graduating.

Chapter 4: Nowadays

Nowadays, is always fun.

For Killian, his life couldn't be more perfect.
He have his family, he have Jayden, and he have all the support that he need, even though sometimes his head is a very dark place, everyone is around him to light it up again.

Specially, Jayden and Berry.