About Me

Why I became a coach

My name is Kim, I’m currently a SAHP, but when I am working it’s usually in a Health Care operations capacity. I was active when I was younger but became more sedentary as I got older. Unfortunately my hobbies also have me sitting for long periods of time so when I added bad eating habits on top of that, I kept slowly gaining weight.

Moving multiple times, job hunting, 2 babies, and other stressors kept my health on a steady decline as I was always putting myself last. I spiraled out of control with my bad habits during the pandemic and at the end of June 2020 I decided I had enough. I saw my friend posting about home workouts and asked her about it. After looking into it I decided to give it a shot.

1 month into my workouts I decided to become a coach. I loved the accountability, I wasn’t comfortable returning to the gym (I’m not really a gym person anyways) especially while having to wrangle 2 active kiddos during the ups and downs of a pandemic, I love the variety of programs I have access to, and I love the control I have over my own journey. Everything is prerecorded so I can do this all on my own time. I also have nutrition support as well so I get to learn and experiment with things that work best for me.

As of today, I’ve lost weight, I’ve lost inches everywhere, I have a better relationship with food (compared to where my head was at in June, and it’s still improving), I went from lifting water bottles to 15lb weights(so far!), and the confidence I’m experiencing from all of my little wins is more than I could have imagined.

I hope to inspire others while I’m on my personal journey. I’d love to help others have the same success I’ve had so far and more! I’d love for you to join me!