Go from pouring out your energy to giving yourself energy

Hello! I’m Kimmy & a mom of 2 girls. I have been an Occupational Therapy Assistant for 4 years and love working with my kiddos. I’m also a gymnastics mom and love the crazy life it gives!

I’ve spent a lot of years focusing on my oldest and her gymnastics. Then came our second child. After a year and a half I decided to make a change and give myself “ME TIME”.

I started focusing on making more home cooked meals instead of fast food. Which if you know the life of home health therapy and the constant driving to and from daily practices it is easy to get lost in fast food...I have also found a love in my Nordictrack and HIIT workouts from home!

Eventually Modere was introduced to me through a friend. I decide to start Modere to help with weight loss and I have ended up losing 15 pounds so far and several inches!! I am feeling more alive then I have in years!

Because I loved the products so much and believe in them, I decided to make Modere my career to help others on their health journey and help them focus and make that needed “me time”