Kim Reynante

Let me introduce myself

My name is Kim. My favorite things in the world are:
•my husband, Rey
•being outdoors
•spending time with loved ones
•farmers markets

I am married to the love of my life, Rey. We live in California, and are currently long distance due to our jobs. I am passionate about health and living life to its fullest. I’d love to connect with you!

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Modern Nature

In June 2021, I decided to try different hair and skin products. I was nervous, but loved what the company I was looking into stood for. All of the products are:
•naturally based
•non toxic
•cruelty free
•soy & gluten free
•paraben & sulfate free
•have patented ingredients for hair growth & density
• has their own scientific board that constantly brings this company the best of clean beauty

MONAT stands for Modern Nature and offers amazing haircare and skincare, as well as wellness supplements.

I absolutely love the products!!!! They last me forever, smell amazing, and are clean! The haircare products allow me to go longer without washing my hair. They keep my hair clean and more voluminous for longer.

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This skincare offers a complete solution for radiantly beautiful skin that inspires confidence at any age.
If this company is new to you, we have an insanely talented medical board consisting of dermatologist, a trichologist, an MD who focuses on total body anti-aging and an ophthalmic surgeon.
Searching globally for the world’s most effective natural ingredients and continuing its proven groundbreaking application of science and technology, our team of researchers and scientists developed four key advanced skin technologies as the basis for skincare.
Harnessing the natural power of revitalizing botanical oils, nutrient-rich exotic fruits, plant-based stem cells and a rejuvenating exclusive peptide, Modern Nature offers the most advanced approach to anti-aging skincare available today.

Clinical results:
96% Saw an increase of radiance
80% Saw brighter skin
96% Saw tighter skin

Clinically tested and approved by dermatologists and ophthalmologists, Modern Nature skincare products are naturally based, vegan, and cruelty-free—so not only can you enjoy confidence in your skin, but also in the knowledge that you’re using safe and safely developed products.


Combining the best of both nature and science, these products are the first and only anti-aging, clinically- tested hair care line in the ENTIRE WORLD! We are the #1 hair care brand in North America offering naturally based products that grow and anchor your hair. For example, the Abyssinian oil penetrates the cortex of your hair, healing it from the inside out. We reverse the damage to your hair and scalp, returning them both to their healthiest state, giving you 88% more manageability and cutting your drying time in half.

What?!! These products also make doing your hair easier and faster?!

YES!! Its incredible, we know, but it gets even better.....

Because our products penetrate the hair shaft and remove years of toxic waxy build-up, this means your hair color will last 3X AS LONG!!

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My Top Picks

Products I use and love, and thought I’d share with you!!

All natural deodrant: Each & Every

Can’t find an all natural, aluminum-free deodorant that works? I couldn’t either!! Until, I finally came across the brand Each & Every. Their deodorant works so well, and smells amazing, is all natural, and aluminum free. My favorite scents are :
1. Cedar & Vanilla
2. Lavender & lemon
3. Rose & Vanilla

I highly suggest trying them out!!! Also, they last FOREVER

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Clean, amazing smelling fine fragrance: Henry Rose

Looking for a clean, amazing smelling perfume? Henry Rose uses clean, and limited ingredients, to bring you a safe perfume. My favorites are:
1. Last Light
2. Dark is Night
3. Torn

They smell amazing, romantic, and I wear them daily!! Try out their sample pack to see what’s best for you!


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Face roller

I highly recommend using a face roller to improve blood circulation in the face, decrease puffiness, cool and soothe the skin, and distribute skin care products. if used correctly, a face roller will also stimulate the circulatory system and push the limbs to the lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are very important because this is where the white blood cells destroy any bacteria that is picked up by the lymph as it is circulating the body. Watch my video on Instagram to see how to properly use one! Can be found anywhere from Amazon, to many other sites. 

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Business Opportunity

Are you interested in making a mobile income?

Would you like to use the best hair and skincare products out there? And have the best hair and skin ever?!
Would you like to have more monetary freedom?
Would you like to be able to work from anywhere?
What about get paid 5x a month?
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If you said YES to any of these questions, this business opportunity may be PERFECT for you! I’d love to have you join my team. Please DM me and reach out. I would love to offer more details and information. Let’s connect!

Also, MONAT has the best compensation plan in the industry!!