About Me

Indulging in luxury for less & travelling smarter

Hi, I’m Kimberley!

I’m a thirty something cat mum, bookworm, baker & travel lover working a full time career and running my businesses, Kimtopia & Travel Kimtopia on the side!

I’ve always been a savvy shopper and I love a touch of luxury. So it was a no brainer to indulge in luxury for less with Kimtopia, partnered with FM World, and to travel smarter as an independent travel agent with Travel Kimtopia!

If you want to save on your luxury beauty products, or on your international and domestic travel, I can help you, just ask me how!

Kimtopia Top Picks

My favourite products tried and tested by me!

With over 1500 products in our range, it’s easy to find luxury for less and
something you love. Here I pick my top five products you need to try…

Pure Fragrances

Our flagship fragrances speak for themselves. Why pick these over their designer scent sisters? Our Pures are made from 20% parfum oil so they’re stronger and last longer.

My favourites are 16, 33, 101, 413, 372 & 700.

Royal Fragrances

Some of my favourite scents are in the Royal range. Made from 20% premium parfum oils, these ooze luxury and decadence.

My personal favourites are 501, 910, 836 & 907.

Fragrance Sticks

Fill your home with your favourite fragrance with our incredible Fragrance Sticks. These are incredibly long lasting - my favourites have lasted 18 months! Available in selected Pure & Royal scents.

My top picks are 81, 472 & 489

Collabeauty Q10 Expert

Collabeauty is a staple in my nightly routine. One scoop before bed helps me sleep soundly all night long, and helps to maintain healthy hair, skin, nails, digestive system and joints, thanks to the high concentration of collagen, Q10, vitamins and minerals. Nicknamed “youth juice” and “Botox in a box” thanks to its anti-ageing properties.

Gold Regenesis Shimmering Body Oil

Want to keep your skin supple and hydrated whilst maintaining a bronzed glow? Trust me when I say you need this in your life. It looks beautiful, smells beautiful and locks in hydration to your skin.

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