Kim Waddle

Social Media Management

I work with clients to create their social media strategy and content, month-to-month, freeing up their time while bringing more leads into their DMs.

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60 Minute Intensive

Insta Sales Strategy

Who’s It For?

The gal that is totally stumped on what she should post next.

If you have no idea how to structure your content out in a way that you have potential clients coming to YOUR DMs, then this is for YOU!

This is for someone that knows their stuff and knows it well but doesn’t know the order they should share their expertise in. When someone isn’t sure when they should be pitching and when they should be dishing out knowledge bombs.

We will go over how to show your personality through even when you’re talking biz stuff and how to attract all the right people.

What’s Included in the Intensive?

- 60 minute call planning out YOUR specific strategy, NOT a generic “advice” call but it will be catered to you and your biz

- After the call you will receive a written out calendar plan from what we went over on the call

- You will have 2 weeks of Voxer access to me after the call for any follow up questions and to have a hype woman in your corner to keep you going strong and accountable.

How Much?

You get all of the above for a one time fee of $67 🤯

How to get started?

Send me a DM and I will send you a link with some questions to make sure we are the right fit!

Any and all questions will most definitely be talked over in the DMs, I want you to be at total peace of mind working with me!