Who Am I?

Hard working Mama with Big Goals!

Hello Hello Hello!

Name is Kimy some call me Kimy for short. I've always been a wacky gal who loves a good chat and taking pictures!

I worked in the restaurant industry for years and love love loved it! Like most covid happened and downtown looting happened which is where I was working. The company shut down after most was lost, and was just handed my last check and a good luck. After years of being with this company I didn't know what to do after always being in the restaurant buisness and restaurants closing down due to covid.

Luckily I had a friend who had told me about Monat and I purchased the products as her customer when she had offered me to sell with her but I didn't want to be "that girl" Well my birthday came around didn't have a job to even plan a celebration and a friend saw I was using Monat and said do you like the products? Obviously I responded I LOVE THEM! She then said why not sell it? At this point my kids where using it, my husband was using it and we all loved the smell and the results we got! So I said YES why not make extra cash on products that work and are amazing!

So here's my journey on the first month I made back twice the amount I invested to have my own buisness selling these amazing products and more! The community of people I have met have truly been a blessing in my life! The trainings and meetings are always fun! Goals to help others and travel are great! I can honestly say when one door closed my monat door opened and I'm forever greatful I said yes and walked through that door!

Would love to see you do the same!