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Hey there,
I’m Kelli. It’s nice to meet you! I’m a 24 year old mom of an almost one year old little boy named Rory. Recently, I’ve begun to document my life as a stay at home mom to help others in my situation to feel less alone, and also show that there’s more than one kind of stay at home mom.

So if you’re interested in cleaning inspiration, Disney planning, vlogs, or other motherhood content; I would love to have you stick around and hang out with us!

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Baby Must Haves

5 items that just make parenting easier

These are some of the items that have saved my partner and I over the course of Rory’s life!

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The best burp cloths!

Call me old fashioned, but to me the best burp clothes have easily been cloth diaper inserts. These things are cheap, easy, absorbent, and make great cleaning clothes when you’re out of the spit up phase!

Our travel system!

Rory may have moved on from his baby bucket seat, but my goodness I’m obsessed with this travel system still! Not only is it more affordable than most trendier models, it is such nice quality! For more of my stroller hacks feel free to go to the stroller page on my site!

The best multipurpose toy!

It is my personal opinion that every child should have a Skwish. It’s a rattle, teether, grasping toy, plus it’s so fun to squish! (I know you never would have guessed that from the name.) This thing has provided countless hours of entertainment for my son. He first became interested in it around three months, and still plays with it daily at almost a year old!

My Diaper Bag Obsession!

This is the Petunia Picklebottom Axis diaper bag in Disney’s Playful Pooh. I am absolutely obsessed with this bag. It has everything from an insulated bottle pocket, which is the perfect size for a stackable snack cup, to a small Mommy pocket in the front; plus the entire bottom section is a cooler which can fit everything your little could need for food on a day out! To see how I keep mine packed and organized, be sure to keep an eye on my YouTube channel!

Toy Leashes!

There is nothing worse than going for a walk and having to pick up things that your baby or toddler has thrown every other step. Trust me, if you’re anything like me you need these for your sanity. Plus these particular ones are made of silicone and are wonderful for teething as well!

My YouTube Channel

Want to see more of me? Then I would love to see you over on my YouTube channel! I make videos about motherhood, homemaking, cleaning, traveling with littles, as well as vlogs!