I’ve never fit in because I’m set apart!

I am spontaneous, self motivated, and hard working

I am born and raised in Detroit at the age of 15 my family relocated to Bay City, MI because of my fathers job transfer. There I graduated high school and shortly after became a service representative at one of the largest telecommunications carrier, AT&T. During my time working there I had my first child but that didn’t stop the show. I worked hard and eventually obtained my bachelors degree in Business Management.

After fourteen long years of working at AT&T I resigned with hopes to pursue my own dreams and aspirations. At this time I also has just recently given birth to my youngest child.

Unfortunately life hit hard with this loss of my mother and the loss of my youngest child’s father. Those were two major losses that I still find very difficult in dealing with today. Throughout life you have to learn to make lemonades with your lemons. Now, being a single mother of two boys, I felt it very important to leave a legacy behind for my children.

During the peak of pandemic and the world being at a standstill I had nothing but time on my hand. This was my chance to do a lot of soul searching and really think about the goals I needed to set to be self sufficient in life.

I stumbled across sea moss and researched the benefits it has for the human body. I ordered my first jar of sea moss off the internet during the summer. I started telling people about it and the interest arose in me to sell it!

I recently launched a new business selling sea moss. My website is in the process of being integrated so that I can expand my brand. In addition to that I am also a market partner for a company that promotes vegan hair and skin care products. I learned that millions have several streams of incomes well I have five more to reach that. It can only go up from here!