About me —

So you want to know me ☺️☺️

My real name isn’t really Harry. My name is Kingsley for those that’s don’t know me✌💁

Am from Nigeria. Particularly from eastern Nigeria. If you must know, Nnewi in Anambra state.

A little about myself. Am a graduate of Computer Science and Engineering. There isn’t really much to that so no details.

I love football and my favourite team is Real Madrid though I play with Barcelona and Juventus mostly in FIFA. I especially don’t like Chelsea but I will choose Willian any day in my team.

I love to cook and bake. Mostly not just following a particular procedure. I love breaking all the rules in the game. Trying something new everything am in the Kitchen.

I love computers. But not as much as I love big bad powerful bikes 🏍. Those have always been my greatest obsession. Most especially, a custom made Ducati Monster 821 stealth boasting a horsepower of 109. Wait until you see the looks. I feel that is because I come from a town where everyone both young and old have a bike and have ridden one.

Oh and just to pin this topic for another day, I used to read and write a lot. Infact, I used to be a blogger. With more then 900 confirmed posts. I think being in school where things are done a lot differently made me lose my love for books. Am hoping to get it back someday but for now, SAY NO TO BOOKS😈.

Music. Yes am a melophile. That’s right, I don’t go a day without taking my daily dose of music 🎧. Must people would immediately ask what my favourite music is but if am being truly honest, I don’t think I do have a favourite music. I guess it just depends on the day that you find me.

Other interests:
Visiting fancy restaurants
Etc etc. even I forget things at times 🙄🙄