Hello My Pretty People

Welcome! I want to share my passion with you all. From Skincare, Makeup, and most importantly Mental Health.

I’ve been in the Beauty Industry for over a decade now. Hard to believe but it’s true. Makeup got me into the industry, I love sharing my passion with women and how it ties to self care. I use my art to inspire and empower women because I truly believe that if you are at your best you'll feel good. You create a positive energy for yourself that can generate to pass on positivity.

Let’s get REAL! Ladies if nobody have tell you before let me be the first. Your makeup will only look as good if your skin is. YES, a well balanced prep skin will make your makeup look more amazing. I started skincare when I was 14 years old, started anti-aging when I was 25. That is over a decade ago and never fails people will compliment me with my makeup and I always ask. “Do you like my makeup or do you like my skin?” And it’ll always make them think and the answer is always my skin. I believe that everyone have beautiful skin it’s just a matter of finding that right regime. Think about it this way. I’m like your bartender but for your skin. Let’s talk SKIN and let me cocktail 🥂 your perfect regime for your skin type 😉

Mental Health is important to me. From family background to my life experience my passion with this run deep. We all have story to tell. Chapters we don’t want to say out loud. I get it. I want to tell you.. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! There are help if you ask for it. But you have to be ready for change.

Let me introduce myself.
My name is Tasha DichoZa
It’s time to Talk 😉

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