Are You Ready to Take Control Of Your Hair And Or Skin?! Then you Are In The Right Place!🥰

Here is a lil about myself & monat! 😘

Hello all! If you don’t already know I am Mahealani😁 I am 21 and also a new mom to my handsome 8 month old son “Kaikane-King” I am a market partner for MONAT and also make/sell custom shirts, hydros, stickers and much more IG: @na10_special_kustoms

I can honestly say my hair before monat was super dead and I was ready to cut it all off and start again cause nothing I tried before worked ! Now that I have monat in my life, my hair has never been this GREAT in years! 😍 after giving birth I had a small bald spots right above my forehead 😫 and the growth from before monat to now is unbelievable! I recommend monat 100% !

If you are interested in getting your hair healthier, silkier, longer or even if your hair is already healthy and would like to maintain it / keep it as healthy as possible or even if you just need to get advice for your hair. Take my quiz and I can give you a recommendation 😌

We also have skin care products! Take the skin quiz if interested 🙂

My monat link😊