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About Kinsey

Kinsey Schofield is a Los Angeles based journalist, host and blogger. She kicked off her television career on E! Channel’s Party Monsters Cabo. The competition based show also starred P. Diddy, Lil Jon, Missy Elliott, 50 Cent, Nick Cannon, Carmen Electra, and The Jenner / Kardashian family. Schofield parlayed her reality TV fame into TV commentating and presenting, appearing on Access Hollywood, BBC, Cheddar, Nancy Grace, Dr. Drew, Jane Velez-Mitchell, FOX & Friends, Your World with Neil Cavuto, FOX’s Happening Now, The Young Turks, and numerous E! Channel comedy specials including: Celebrity Oops They Did It Again, Bigger Badder Celebrity Feuds, Attack of the Celebrity Bikinis, and Worst Thing I Ever Posted. In 2020, Kinsey launched (She puts the Kinsey in Kensington Palace.)

Meet My Dogs

I have four dogs that I treat like children

Bigly, Liddle, Edie and Roo. The sweetest babies you will ever meet. Fun Fact: These pups were once included in the royal court of a Mardi Gras parade. BOW DOWN.


Bigly aka “Bigly Bear” is a 3yo male morkie. Some people shake hands... Bigly shoves his tongue in your nose holes. He is my snuggle bunny and best friend. He likes to sleep up close to you and is my most verbal and animated pup. You will always find Bigly in the kitchen. He is an accomplished sous chef despite being the runt of the crew. His best K9 friend is probably Edie but Roo is starting to grow on him.


Liddle is a dark gray 8yo male morkie. We call him the OG because he can be a grump! He thinks he was put on this earth to fetch his toys. PS. They are ALL HIS toys. Other nicknames include Funky Chunk, Da Debil, Mean Bean, Midda Mean Teef, and Mean Teefin (to name a few.) Liddle loves to have his hair brushed and when we pull out the winter dog sweaters, he gets in line to make sure he gets to wear a sweater or puppy pajamas. We’re pretty sure he has OCD because whenever we stop the car, he has to do a lap in the backseat prior to exiting.


Edie is a beautiful blond 3yo morkie girl. She has the personality of an entitled millennial and I’m obsessed with her. She probably has the most nicknames of the bunch: Figlet, EdieGirl, Queenie, Eeyore, Tunk, Chunky Tunk, Sweetie Girl. Crazy Lady! Edie loves to go swimming in the pool with her Mom and will look at you upside down until you give her the attention that she deserves. Edie will also paw and growl at you to wake you up every single morning. She was named after Edie Sedgwick, my favorite Warhol.


Roo is the newest addition to our family. He has brought so much joy and happiness to our lives! He is a 1yo blond morkie. I saw him in a window and fell in love with him instantly. The facility told me that someone had returned him but couldn’t tell me why. I like to imagine that it was because he was meant for me. Nicknames: Rooster and Roothster. He was named after Winnie the Pooh but I discovered shortly afterwards that Princess Diana and Prince Charles had a dog named Roo too. MAJOR. Roo gets car sick when he rides on my shoulders and likes to poop on top of things.

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