Hey! I’m Kirsten!

Soon to be wife & mommy of 2 amazing, beautiful girls! Just trying to live life to the fullest and help others do the same!!

Hey everyone! I just want to begin by saying thank you for connecting with me! I can’t wait for you to learn more about me, as I learn more about you!

I am a 22 year old stay at home mom. I have two sweet girls that are 1 year and 8 years old, and will be getting married in just 3 short months to the love of my life! I have been able to completely be a SAHM for the past 14 months and it has been the best time of my life! I have always wanted to have the financial freedom to be a stay at home mom/wife but never imagined I could have. Finding this business was God’s way of telling me I can do and be exactly who I WANT to be!

I found this business accidentally 3 years ago on Facebook and ever since then my life has done a 360 for the absolute best. Before I started this business I worked a full time job while finishing high school up. My fiancé and I were living paycheck to paycheck, but I knew there was so much more for us out there. I was tired of working every holiday/birthday or not having time with my family. I was scared to take that leap to join a social media business that I had never heard of before. Long story short… here I am 3 years later and it is still the best decision I could have ever made for myself as well for my family. Our future is so much different that I ever imagined it could have been.

I now have the opportunity to take care of my family the way I want to. Being able to open savings accounts/college for my girls. Travel whenever or wherever we would like to. I never have to miss the big moments in my daughters life or any of my youngest “firsts”. I get to make my own schedule without having to worry about taking sick days or missing school functions.

I have been able to meet so many amazing & ambitious women within the time I have joined, who help lift me up and guide me through my success. I control my life now, no more listening to anyone else on how to do things “the right way”. No more alarm clocks. I decide my income and my schedule for when and where I want to work. And I get the chance to make 6 figures and be retired by 22!!

If any of this sounds like you and you want to make a difference in your life then you know this business is just for you. If you no longer want to worry about your boss or calling off because you or your child might be sick or you want to just take a all of a sudden vacation for absolutely no reason. If you want to decide your own income and work schedule this is definitely for you. Or maybe you just want to make some extra cash while still working your part time/full time job. You can do it too! We are the #3 income earning team!

Swipe right to my next page to fill out my application and let me help you be where you want to be in your life. This could be what you have been praying for and I’m here to help figure that out!

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