Kirstie Smith

Mom, Teacher, Beauty Entrepreneur

Hello! First off, thanks for stopping by my page! I am first and foremost a wife and mom to a very busy 2-year-old boy! I also have the cutest Goldendoodle named Sadie who is such a loved member of our family. Beyond that, I am a middle school English Language Arts teacher, and I love my job. Teaching is a part of my soul, and it truly is what brings me so much happiness. A second passion of mine has always been all things fashion and beauty. It is something that brings me joy, and sharing that with all of you is the biggest reward!

While your here on my page, you can find things like easy recipes, beauty tips, book recommendations, my classroom teaching tidbits, and my current favorite things. It is my mission to help the hardworking momma find her shine!

Summer is just around the corner!

Here are my top favorite products to get you ready!

To me, summer means taking care of your skin and minimal makeup that is going to withstand heat and water! It also means citrus scents, bronzed skin, and sun protection! Below are my top picks to make sure you are completely covered this summer.


Scrubtini is our sugar body scrub that gently exfoliates the dry skin while Shea/Olive, Coconut, and Lemon Verbena oils restore hydration and protect against aging elements at the same time. Scrubtini is a must have for me in my shower. It smells incredible and makes skin silky smooth while restoring a beautiful, healthy glow. Simply rub the sugar scrub on while showering, rinse, and step out of the shower with legs that are fresh and moisturized!

Everyone deserves a nice body scrub, and this is the perfect one. 🛁


Soak up the sun worry free with our complete sun care collection. This collection includes everything you need to protect your skin from harmful sun damage with SPF 30 for face, lips and body, plus an after-sun soothing gel for post-sun relief. The Sun Set Collection includes a sunny surprise as a gift with purchase! COMING SOON!

Winter, spring, summer or fall – environmental damage doesn’t single out any one season. But luckily, neither does our SPF. We’ve got your back (and your face) with organic and plant-based ingredients that will fight for your skin health, 365 days a year. Our gentle mineral sunscreen contains non-nano, reef-safe Zinc to offer powerful broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays. Its ultra-sheer, dry touch formula is easy to apply and contains organic plant-based ingredients to nourish and soothe sensitive skin. Our aloe vera based after-sun gel, After Glow, rehydrates and nourishes skin with vitamin E, lavender and eucalyptus while reducing redness and preventing peeling. Store After Glow in your refrigerator for an instant cooling sensation.

Lip and Cheek Balm

These tinted balms are the perfect simple summer color! Use on both cheeks and lips!

Pool/Beach Makeup and Skincare

Look your best and protect that skin!

Keep that toddler busy (and protected)!

Backyard Water Fun!

I don’t know what toddler doesn’t get super excited to run through a sprinkler. Well, it’s fun for me too! 😂

Sunny Bunny Sunscreen

All natural sunscreen to protect that precious skin! Available soon!

Easy Water Play

Find a plastic bin, full it with water, throw in cups, whisks, spoons, pitchers, toy cars, legos, paintbrushes, etc. and let your kid go at it. Easy summer fun!