Tinkler Sign Co.

Hand-Painted Signs & Gold Leaf Lettering

Hello, my name's Kit Tinkler. I'm a traditional painter & sign-writer mostly working in London and the South East [and occasionally in Sunderland and the North East].

I completed my bachelor's degree in Fine Art at the University of Sunderland in 2011 and since then have sold paintings to private collections around the world.

Working with companies and individuals across Northern Europe, I produce unique hand-painted signs & artwork for both interior and exterior applications.

Let's talk 👋 Don't hesitate to reach out, send me a message for a free quote!

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Some of my past projects

Stokey Pop-up, Stoke Newington

Redesign of one four seven hand-painted in enamel

This is just a small selection - have a look at my instagram page for more 👇


Bookery Gallerie, Lisson Grove

Logo, text and pinstripe around the window all gilded in genuine 23ct Gold Leaf

Stems Wilder, Brixton

The Museum Vaults, Sunderland

Text finished in 23ct genuine gold leaf, and designed with the original lettering from an early 20th century photograph of the iconic Sunderland tavern

Electric 11 Cargo Bike Box

Artisan Stories, Brixton

The Peacock, Sunderland

Huge 7ft wide 23ct Gold Leaf sign, designed to client's brief. Hand-painted and framed from scratch

Hand Painted House Signs

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One Four Seven, Stoke Newington High Street

Shopfront hand painted in Enamel and 23ct Gold Leaf

Disrupt Space Art Gallery, Brixton

The Farm Community Kitchen, Leytonstone

Text and logo painted in the window. And a chalk A-Board for this Volunteer-run café

Bette Davis, Marlene Dietrich & Joan Crawford

Three custom Britpop-style portraits reverse-painted on glass with enamels and 23ct Gold Leaf. Framed and delivered to order

McJoy's Choice, Copenhagen

Exterior signs hand-painted in enamels for Copenhagen's best British Pub - McJoy's of Nyhavn. Lacquered to protect against the elements 🌧

The Palm Tree

An homage to East London's finest little boozer 🍺 designed, hand-painted in enamels, gilded in 23ct Gold Leaf and framed for the client 🌴

Seacole Social, The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Chalkboard handwritten in liquid chalk for the LSHTM's beautiful café in Bloomsbury

Call Me by Your Name

A quote from Call Me by Your Name gilded on glass in 23ct Gold Leaf in the style of the book cover / movie poster


Another cracker of a comission - a quote from the hit BBC series Fleabag designed and gilded in 23ct Gold Leaf on glass and framed 🦊

E.D.S. Monogram

Designed, hand-painted and gilded in 23ct Gold Leaf on glass. Commissioned for a gift and framed

Ristorante Azzurri, Washington

Menu boards painted in Enamel, (and prices written in liquid chalk so they can easily be changed) for an award winning Italian restaurant


Designed, hand-painted in Enamel and gilded on glass in 23ct Gold Leaf for a lucky newly-wedded couple 💍


Hand lettered 'Elsie' with 23ct Gold Leaf Wren

Gasten and Galionen, Copenhagen

Bilingual signs hand-painted in enamels for the Danish restaurant Gasten and Galionen on Nyhavn

Painted with restaurant's logo and chalkboard paint for staff to write specials 🦐

Audrey Hepburn

A Britpop style portrait of Audrey Hepburn hand-painted in Enamel, gilded in 23ct Gold Leaf on Glass and framed 💍

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Custom Hand-Painted House Signs

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Hand painted with Enamel on pine, these house signs are then varnished for extra weatherproofing and covered by my 5-year warranty. Don't forget to contact me with extra customisation to make your house sign extra unique!

(plaques are all 10x30cm unless stated otherwise on the pictures below 👇 let me know your requirements if you require a custom size - right now I have the 10x30's, shorter 10x22cm, longer 10x50cm and taller 15x30cm plaques)






copper leaf/grey/black

23ct gold leaf/green/pink


23ct gold leaf/unpainted wood

dark green / white

dark green / pink

black / pink

black / copper leaf

black / beige

dark green / beige

black / pink

black / white

grey / pink

black / white

black / grey-green
(custom colour to match front door)

black / pink

black / gold leaf
genuine 23ct gold leaf

dark green / pink

18ct white gold leaf/grey/black