beginner journalism

hi ! so my name is qistina melisa , y'all can call me as mel or mely. i am 14 years old yea that so young i know. my hobies is made some of my journal things and reading a book and i also skating around. my dream.. hmm i've been thinking about it and like i dont know. i was just hoping , i can be a journalist as a writer journalism.

i know my dad always support me behind. and yea thank you for reading this , you might know me more after this hehe. right now im still focusing on my educational and knowledge ♡︎ so now im working on as beginner journalist , as a writer and decoration. and at the same time i wanted y'all to donated this , while im doing a journal i also focusing on my donation compete , the reason i made this is because i wanted to help my father.. he has been throught a lot of difficult things and it brokes my heart in piece. its all up to yourself if you would like too. and also i wanted to help everyone in palestine by using this money. thats all hehe , oh ! and just slide this page there is my card number and slide again in another page there's a link that im talking about. so yea ! thank you and have a nice day dear <3

Donation ♡︎

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4059 9860 8304 3754 - 🏧 BSN

name : qistina melisa binti abdullah