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Read down below my recommendation and honest review! By the way, I reviewed mostly all the movies & series that I watched, hope it will help you guys! Enjoy ☆☆


"None of us are really promised tomorrow. We all just assume it's going to be there. You get to decide what matters most now."

"Quitting is not an option. You have one life to live. What are you going to do with it?"

"What do you have to offer? Not even just to a university, to the world. What do you want to do with your one, wild, and precious life." my fav quotes from the movie ^^ Great movie!! Clouds is a super sad, but thoughtful story about the life of Zach Sobiech, which the movie is based upon. I cried the whole time!! I can tell you to watch this movie, but if you want to know a little more about it, keep reading

Seventeen-year-old Zach Sobiech is a fun-loving high school senior with raw musical talent. But a few weeks into his senior year, just after asking out his long-time crush, Zach's world gets turned upside down when he finds out his cancer has spread, leaving him with a life expectancy of just six months. With the limited time he has left, he and his best friend and writing partner, Sammy, decide to follow their dreams and finally make an album. Little do they know, they'll soon become a viral music phenomenon.

But with time running out, Zach is confronted with the reality that no matter how he spends his time, he is going to hurt the people he loves the most, including Amy, the love of his life. As Zach's health condition begins to worsen, he is left to make difficult decisions about how to spend his time and more importantly with whom.

Ultimately, he discovers the best way to say goodbye is with music, and his hit song CLOUDS is born. With an unfiltered, heartbreaking, and beautiful song, this movie plays with your heart. A ton. But in a good way.

Casting: AWESOME!! I am a huge fan of Sabrina Carpenter, who plays Zach's best friend, Sammy Brown. Madison Iseman, who plays Amy, Zach's girlfriend, is phenomenal as always (some of you might know her as Bethany in Jumanji). Neve Campbell is always a crowd-pleaser, and Fin Argus is so amazing. Basically what I'm saying is that the movie is awesome and the actors and actresses are phenomenal because they express such deep feelings and emotions. They made ME feel something.

Almost perfection! Some things I wish were different, but overall an amazing movie.

Conclusion: Watch the movie because it made me cry - and ONLY good movies make me cry. ***Don't forget to stream "Clouds" by Zach Sobiech on Spotify and Apple Music!***

This is so heartbreaking, and I've cried so many times because I've watched it over and over again. It literally broke my heart and made me so thankful that I have more days to live.


I just don't know why exactly but blockbuster disaster movies are what I'm craving at this moment. Maybe the ongoing pandemic has a lot to do with it, but anyways, I found #Alive a highly entertaining zombie action thriller. It is the perfect movie you need to see if a real-life pandemic alone is not enough to convince you to quarantine yourself.

The film wastes not a second in jumping to the conflict and the result is non-stop action. One of the best things about the film is its action sequences: all choreographed well with a lingering sense of vulnerability that makes them more enjoyable. Yoo Ah-in and Park Shin-hye are the only leading actors, and both of them deliver fabulous performances.

While there's not enough detailing of the zombie disaster going on, it's just plausible because then it puts you in the protagonist's shoes: you too know nothing, except there's lots and lots of zombies out there and the only way to survive is by killing. Further, the limited setting is another cherry on the top.

#Alive just never runs out of entertainment and goes on to deliver endless fun, replete with action, drama, horror and suspense. It might not be the greatest zombie film ever made, but pretty sure joins my list of some of the best ones to date. I'll recommend you not to expect a complex plot: just expect some nice performances, character moments and lots of breathtaking zombie action.

Time To Hunt

Time to Hunt is a well-executed action-crime-thriller that takes place in a dystopian Korea. It premises a group of amateur thieves that robs a casino controlled by a mob. The conflict begins when the identity of the robbers was discovered and eventually leads to a cat-and-mouse chase.

First, I noticed that the heist itself hasn't put much thought into it. The casino was easily infiltrated and the robbery was accomplished in less than 5mins, all these happened while the casino is guarded by a number of gangsters. Nonetheless, the sequence was grippingly shot in the movie. Accomplishing the job was just the start of the dilemma as our protagonists are now being chased by what seems like Korea's version of a Boogeyman sent by the Mob.

The chase itself feels like watching a horror movie more than an action sequence which I believe is it's sole strength. Lead actor, Lee JeHoon and the Boogeyman did a pretty solid job all throughout the movie. JeHoon's terror transcends through the screen and dwells within whilst the mere presence of the Boogeyman gives me the creep.

Musical scoring also helps a lot in adding more terror to the experience. I had to pause occasionally just to calm myself down. Time To Hunt also has amazing cinematography and Hollywood vibe in it. Lastly, I think that the movie only focuses on the survival of the lead characters instead of putting more depth on the story.

I believe that the writers should have come up with the obvious conflicts that could spice up the narrative based on the story's progression. Perhaps the storyline would work better in a 6part mini-series or if they are planning for a sequel. Overall, the movie is still a treat and will surely keep you on the edge of your seat.

Innocence Files

This is amazing series, showing how easy it is for the innocent to be convicted, just because of people’s egos and belief system. It is so heartwrenching to not only see the inherent flaws in the American legal system, but the Double Down mentality of those responsible for those miscarriages of justice, refusing to accept their own faults. How many other victims of injustice are out there?


Time travelling is my favourite type of sci-fi (beside space/cosmos) and they mix it with american history nerd heart is screaming for this show. Looking back to lincoln assasination, hidenburg disaster, and more major historical events? YES. Also, the lead character is a historian heroine? WE STAN this brilliant lady. I hope in the next episode they start changing courses to side the minory voices, I'm interested to see how america would be when it's white-folks-only history is stripped away.

13 Reasons Why

That said, I would not recommend it to someone that is depressed, triggered by sensitive topics, or not in a good place to view.

The first season centers around Hannah Baker and the reasons of her passing, leaving each character feeling guilty, which reminds people just how important it is to practice self-awareness and be kind to others.

The second, third, and fourth seasons all tackle overcoming of grief, and ultimately, forgiveness of others as well as self-forgiveness. The second to last episode of the fourth season had an especially profound impact on me. Alex Standall, following being the murderer of Bryce Walker, learns about his sexuality during this season and is ultimately crowned prom king alongside his new quarterback boyfriend. Jessica Davis gives him the award and tells him that he deserves to be happy. This moment shows that doing bad things of course is wrong, and it is natural to feel guilt and shame. But the course of your life is so much longer than one or two actions. The past will always be there, but if you are a good person and know that, you can still find love and use your experiences to channel into a better future. At least that’s the message I got from that.

The final episode of the series ties everything back to Hannah, and while Justin’s passing was a bit too much, I think the episode still brings in a lot of closure and features amazing cinematography.

Emily In Paris

This show provided all the colour one longed for diring quarantine. The Show captures romance, tavel, culture, feminism in a delightful way. Every character being beautiful and adorable in their own strange ways. Emily in paris is a show n a combination of genres I didn't realize I wanted so desperately, can't wait for season 2. This show was definitely a breath of fresh air like those pink roses from south.

The Kissing Booth 2

The movie was in one word “okay”, I liked it but was not wowed by it unlike the first. The good thing was that they maintained continuity but still refrained from repetitiveness. The characters had retained their respective personalities but there was clear focus on the central leads.

They skillfully did not overplay Elle-Noah relation and brought freshness with a new character Marco. I initially disliked Marco being so cliche but gradually he builds on you but clearly Noah had a much larger impact in KB1 which Marco is not able to recreate thats why perhaps i was biased for Noah in this part too when his role clearly was just an extended cameo.

Jacob Elordi was naturally not excited about this film as his role in KB2 will not get him anywhere. He has grown much bigger than playing such roles. He has looked although as gorgeous as ever which somehow makes Marco look paler.

The end was very pleasant though when Elle once again made a tough choice as in the prequel. Her deep love for Noah was evident throughout the part 2 when she was missing him desperately despite her assumptions of the relationship not going anywhere once it becomes long distance.

She had always doubted it in part 1 itself considering the player image Noah carried but surprisingly he had shown unexpected maturity in his relationship with Elle. My favourites in this movie were Elle and Lee again. Their friendship was above everything and everyone.

The Kissing Booth

I literally love this movie. I think the characters, while a bit under developed, especially in Noah's case, are interesting. The plot is your basic romantic comedy with a secret forbidden love. Elle is the most relatable character and truly carries the story. Lee and Elle's relationship is priceless, a bit unrealistic but cute all the same.

Noah is a character the audience is drawn to, particularly because he is underdeveloped. We know he's a fighter but you see his compassionate and intelligent side.

I wish it was accentuated more. They also don't answer the question of why their relationship works or why they truly love each other. The film is all around good but needs to focus on further character development.

To All The Boys Always and Forever

This movie is great in every aspect. Not only does it focus on the romantic aspect of the couple, but we get to see more of the family of Lara Jean and her friends at school. I loved that we got to see a side of Peter which was not shown before in the previous films and that he got to resolve some issues from the past.

The relationship between the three sisters is heartwarming. I loved the various trips which were in the movie. Moreover, the character development for all the characters in this movie is evident compared to the first part. Bottom line, this series altogether is a feel-good series.

It is a good pick-me-up when i am feeling down. The 3 parts never fail to make me smile and forget about my worries even for a short time. I love the world of To All The Boys. Best romcom of the decade!!!!

To All The Boys P.S I Still Love You

To All The Boys I Loved Before: I Still Love You - Raise your hands if 2 years is too long for us to wait for this sequel. Its a great coming-of-age teen romance. No dull moments for me because usually I keep checking how much time left while watching a movie. I felt like 100+min screentime is not enough like I'm asking for more.

The only thing that I noticed is how Peter Kavinsky got a less attention to give way to the new crush-of-the-moment, John Ambrose. But I guess its a good thing because I noticed that the sequel is more focus on Laura Jean's thoughts and emotions.

Another adorable character is Stormy, the elderly woman from Belleview retirement home. She got this feisty and cool personality. I wish we could have Stormy in our lives where we could ask not just relationship but also real life advice w/o sounding boring. The good moral lesson that we can get from this cute teen romance flick is NOT COMPARE OURSELVES TO OTHERS. That we're uniquely different.

To All The Boys I've Loved Before

This movie is love. It's amazing how things be in love. Lara has crushes on guys as a normal girl, she never wants to open up about them since she wants that, she shouldn't be hurt by the one later on.

Also is insecure and wants the relationship and feelings just kept one sided as she writes letters to all her crushes. Peter K, being a former crush turns out to be the constant boy for her as they fake their relationship for particular reasons.That's how the love blossoms, things change.

Lara and Peter fall for each other and gradually rise in love.The best teen romantic movie I enjoyed recently.Please watch. Get your friends, boyfriend/girlfriend and enjoy the lovely movie.

Finding Ohana

I think anyone from Hawaiʻi who speaks ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi is really going to appreciate this movie. Not only that but anyone who is from hawaiʻi is going to appreciate this movie. It gives a true sense of what Hawaiʻi is and who our people are.

I can say that I am proud of this movie because of all of the integration of our culture through both language as well as physical culture. They did not disappoint. Anyone will be happy watching it :)

Space Sweepers

From my perspective as someone who's not an enthusiast of this setting (galaxy), the beginning part is not that catchy (I don't know, maybe because I was kind of not on my right mind when I start watching this film).

Anyway, as time goes by and Dorothy was introduced, it became more and more interesting to the point. The editing of the film utterly amused me, and the CGI looks so real! (the budget spent on this film is really huge so that explains how genuine-looking the editing was) The Korean Entertainment industry is so incredible.

In addition, I really love the fact that Space Sweepers is so diverese! Most films and series talk about saving the worl but the only dialect that was used is English. I heard several languages here.

The plot of the film is so great, and the stories of the characters are all interesting. Speaking of the characters, the cast are perfect! They give justice to their roles perfectly. Space Sweepers can compete with international films, this is a perfect sci-fi film to start my 2021.


Riveting with poetic grandeur, the novel-inspired series explores London high society through its opulence, and in just 8 episodes, it pulls you in and explores honour, hardship, indignity, romance, unrequited love, false love, scandal, parent problems, marriage, loyalty security, women, expectation, upbringing, status, family, tradition, suspense, trust, drama, loss, sacrifice, loyalty, parenting, heartbreak, and above all, true love.

The themes that stuck out for me were challenging the female 'condition' ; raw candidness and realities unmasked: The facade of perfection; Cause & effect; Trauma; Judging yet not wanting to be judged; Helping yet not having been helped; Change; Smiling, dressing up and showing up through internal storms; Love.

The music by Vitamin String Quartet is an unparalleled backdrop, the language is nothing short of inspiring, and the acting and sub plots are each gripping in their own ways.

Just a few of my favourite quotes...

"an appreciation of the arts is what lifts us beyond mere animals. It stirs the passions and moves the spirit, and, this author hopes, inspires more newsworthy pursuits."

"There are darker turns in the woods than we are taught to expect"

"One can never truly know a marriage behind closed doors"

"It takes courage to not live within the traditional expectations of society"

Bird Box

I just watched Bird Box last night, directly after watching A Quiet Place for the first time. They really are nothing alike, other than they are both high concept movies that don't hold up to logic or scrutiny, but most people who watch this sort of thing are happy to agree just to not let their minds go there and spoil it for themselves (at least until after, when it's actually fun to poke holes in it).

Overall, I suppose I would have to concede that A Quiet Place is the superior film. The acting is superb. However, I personally enjoyed Bird Box more. I felt more fully engaged with Malorie and her character development than with anyone in A Quiet Place. I felt a lot more menace from the creatures and more anxiety on behalf of Malorie and her charges than I did for the family in A Quiet Place.

I suppose it's because A Quiet Place was a sort of 'We were so perfect and happy before all this happened, ain't it tragic,' whereas in Bird Box, we get, 'I always believed there was nothing to trust or hang onto in this life, but for some reason now that this has happened I want to stay alive anyway and the struggle for survival has taught me to see how beautiful and precious it is to be connected to others and value life.' The people in A Quiet Place start who they are and stay that way.

The only one who has any sort of development is the deaf daughter. I enjoyed the character development in Bird Box much more. There are no surprises there, but it's still satisfying to watch the story unfold.

Never Have I Ever

I can't just tell how amazing the show is. Last episode made me cry (big tears rolling down) - especially the part where Devi reunites with her family and the mother chants the Shloka from Bhagavad Gita about never ending nature of the soul. I'm so glad that in 2020, we have a show, where Indians in America are represented as we are.

The show represents us in a completely unadulterated and highly authentic way. No crappy whitewashed version unlike every other show I've seen. I'm just so happy to see this very genuine portrayal - from the nosy aunties to the beliefs such as not letting books touch the ground (so much so that I picked up some of my books which were laying on the ground in my apartment haha).

Also - the gay storyline was shown in a very positive light - and it was interesting to see how Devi's Mom didn't condemn (I'm pretty sure a lot of middle aged Indian people don't really accept homosexuality). I'm happy for that - we need more portrayals like that especially to bring about change in perceptions and positively impact the well-being of the LGBT Indians (and everyone else) currently in US.

Thanks a lot for that! We probably need a bit more on that in the next season. I just can't wait for the next season! Great work! Great Show! Great cast! So authentic! Just amazing! Kudos! Keep up the good work, and again, can't wait for the next season!

Money Heist

This is by far the best series I’ve ever watched. I’m not a “binge” person and I don’t watch TV very often, but this show is so well made. I must warn you though: you Really have to follow the plot and be ready for weird and unique things!

The story line is one of a kind and no detail is left behind. This genre is soooo incredible and you keep falling love with the characters. I think it’s the first show where the characters are so accurate and represent so well real-life humans. You’ll see, the writers created people with atrocious flaws but with beautiful qualities, which are actually how people are.

In Money Heist, there’s no good or bad guys. Everyone is everyone and you get to see it. You’ll be surprised by how a mean and selfless character is actually on your top list! Long-story short, after three weeks of binging, mixing up my sleep schedule, stressful moments, sweat, tears, laughs, cries, I finally finished season four, and I can’t wait to watch season 5! I hope you’ll get attached as much as I did with this series. Everything is perfect and despite the craziness, so human. <3


Had watched almost all zombie based movies and shows the world probably has. But the story of this particular TV show really kept me stay in touch with that till the very last episode of season 2. The plot based on medieval period of Korean dynasty. The fact I loved most is its continuous actions and very well and fast pace will not make ya bore for a single second. Its not only a zombie show but also portrait pretty well the dirty politics of that time. Another fantastic thing is the entire series is dubbed into English language and in a wonderful way for sure. This is a pure classic no sorry it would be not fair ..... This is an unique, one and only mega classic piece.

All the characters of this series were portrait perfectly and accordingly. The lead characters were awesome. The prince and the nurse were just outstanding. Every one just proved how good they were.

This is the best zombie show of ever without a single doubt. It will rank at top out of all the movies and TV shows ever released and going to be released in near future. Everyone even who is not a zombie fan should give it go without a single doubt in mind.


This series had exceed my expectations. The actors especially surprised me. Both the lead role did great. The plot is not new but the way how they run the story and how the course of events escalated is just perfect.

This series will keep you at the edge of your sits. Once you start, you won't stop. It's hard to stop just like how the lead roles struggle from trying to control things.

The four teenage highschool students who have different backgrounds and different reasons for doing those things. They see the world differently but they happen to deal with it quite similarly.

All ages, especially adults and youngsters should watch this series. There's a lot to see and to learn to understand why some kids do this stuff. The situations might be different but their circumstances are quite the same.

The lead roles had shown extremely great performance even though they're still new to the industry of acting. I first met Donghee in Ateen and Joohyun in A Piece of Your Mind, and both of them have an entirely different role in this series from their past roles.

Crush Landing On You

Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin are fantastic veteran actors and it shows. Dating rumours aside, they look very comfortable with each other and their chemistry is through the roof. Both characters exude charm, warmth and depth and their humour comes across effortlessly. You will absolutely fall in love with them and the supporting characters (Hyun Bins men and the NK village women) are a joy to watch. Their bantering and references to SK k-dramas is hilarious! Great casting all round!

So do yourself a favour and watch this drama! Watch it if you are a Son Ye-Jin and/or Hyun Bin fan (you'll definitely become a fan after watching them). Watch it if you are already a quality rom-com K-drama fan. Watch it if you are a K-drama first timer, this will be the one that will get you hooked (although you may not appreciate the hilarity of the K-drama references made by the NK soldier who secretly watches them online)

Hospital Plalist

The actors of this series had their characters fully in control that the characters' personality became very close to their own, and this is the main reason why the series is so believable for the viewers. One of the most interesting things is that even if you don't like the medical dramas, this is still so much recommended. You'll love it for sure. It's actually a guidance for every single thing you need to know as an adult.. friendships.. relationships.. dealing with a job.. the importance of family and so many other things.. About the Genre.. we can say Hospital Playlist is a package of comedy.. romance.. drama and musical.

The friendship among the whole hospital staff is so beautiful.. but the friendship between the main characters is LEGENDARY and you might you know watch and envy. Cause you want that group of friends so bad but that's normal don't worry.. just join the club:) And lastly each Couple's chemistry.. and each romantic relationships. Totally heart melting. Well this is not a drama of so much kissing and romantic scenes.. but even a single romantic sentence exchanged between the characters will make you flutter. mindblowingly cute:)

Hi Bye Mama!

This kdrama leaves a subtle feeling to the viewers- peace! It teaches us with so many life lessons and that is to be thankful for every circumstances we encounter and to see every obstacles as a lesson.

It teaches us that life is only fleeting and that we need to write every pages beautifully without regrets! It teaches us to say “Goodbye” with a smile on our faces even when it tear us apart because it gives us peace which will help us move on. It teaches us that this world is a mundane place, that real happiness is not about money and luxury of things, it is about those simple things we sometimes take for granted (like being able to wake up every morning or saying I LOVE YOU to the one’s we love), because after death people will remember you not for your achievements but by how well you lived your life.

Always ask yourself the question “How I want people to remember me when I die?” It teaches us to be grateful to everyone in our lives (especially to those people we don’t like or we loathe) because they play a very important role in our growth! It teaches the value of friendship and family that the love we share with these people is infinite! It teaches us to love ourselves first so that we can share that love unconditionally!