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Truman’s Birth Story —

Jan 27, 2020

Truman Lee

New Mom Must Haves

My favorite items for life postpartum! I use almost all of these even closing in on a year PP! I love them just as much as I did during those few weeks after birth, too.

Washable Breast Pads

Machine washable breast pads! Game changer. So much more comfortable than disposable ones that rub against your chapped nipples. Easy and so soft! And they’re hard to leak through 👏🏼

Balancing Tincture

With so many hormones running through your body, this tincture really helped take the edge off and make me feel way more balanced than I did with my first baby postpartum phase. They don’t taste bad and they last a while too!

Baby Wrap

I loved this wrap for 2 reasons specifically - 1.) skin to skin but I could also do things with both hands. 2.) it sucked my belly back I’m so acted like a binder while I was wearing it!

Perineal Spray

If you had a vaginal birth - this is a must. Paired with your peri bottle & tucks pads - another game changer 🤟🏼

Sitz Bath

Yes. You need time alone even though you want to stare at baby. But have hubby bring baby in or lay baby in a lounger next to the tub if you need to for some peace. This bath soak is my fave still! The added magnesium helps with muscle aches and pains. Helps your ENTIRE birth area too. (Yes, even your perineal area). Thank me later 🤟🏼

All Over Oil

For my belly, my itchy breasts, my arms, my face, my lips. All of it. Hands down the best oil ever. Worth the splurge.

Late Night Reads

Yes I spent tons of time on social media and all of those stupid things but I did also force myself to read this book which 110% helped my mood PP. It’s uplifting, inspiring & insanely helpful 😫

The Best Deo

Breastfeeding makes me sweat BAD. Especially the first few weeks. And it makes my armpits itchy while I have letdowns. With my baby that close to my armpit I knew I couldn’t use aluminum filled deo and feel okay about it. Enter Earth Mama deo which is SAFE while nursing and does the job!

Compression Leggings

Youll inevitably be uncomfortable for a minute of two of the PP life. Your body is changing every day but youre also trying to navigate the new norm (whatever that may be!). I loved these leggings because they sucked me in (you want to apply pressure to your tummy area by laying face down too if you gave birth vaginally to help your uterus) and they held my mama diaper/pad in place. I felt confident in these!!