L’s milkshake!!

I hate chocolate milk

I hate chocolate milk 😡

That’s honestly all you need to know.

(Swipe for my real bio card lmao)

* ‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾L’s Milkshake (pt.2)☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙


* .。*゚+.*.。 ゚+..。*

Another milkshake about me cause my former bio card is too long to recreate and I’m lazy ♪

19 (4.01.02)! I’m Filipino ^^

· • ☆ミ 🌨 ☆ミ 🌨 ☆ミ • ·

!!! Basic DNF/DNL applies but I really couldn’t care less if you still follow lmao. Just don’t be creepy thx

Most of my stories are shit posts, so don’t take them seriously. But if anything offends you, tell me and I won’t have any hard feelings! :)

<that’s basically all the important things, u can exit the milkshake now>

* .。*゚+.*.。 ゚+..。*゚+

͙⁺・༓☾more milk about MEEEEE☽༓・⁺‧͙

* ☆.。.:*buncha info lol?.。.:*☆

All of these are just going to be extra semi-unimportant stuff, so feel free to just close the page or skip :) I’m honestly just doing this milkshake thing to separate my other accounts from my personals, so…

Also, the sketch above is by @kuromiloveb0t on Instagram <3

shitposting 23/7 & socials

I’m active on my IG stories, and I don’t post much pictures anymore :) My old main acc used to be @ktrinq but anxiety led me to abandon it. I post my photos elsewhere now.

I’ve moved from Instagram to Tumblr to Pinterest to Imgur to finally settling on Naver (you can disable interactions there, and it has more text and layout options!)

Pls also don’t take my stories seriously. I mainly post ironically or to share a laugh. If anything upsets you, tell me and I’ll listen.

Other accounts

My other public acc’s are Facebook and Twitter (inactive) so just ask if you want to add them if you don’t already know what they are :)

Regarding my other accounts, I only give out links to my them when I’m comfortable because I really prefer separating my online spheres from real life. I’ve learned the hard way to not heavily mix online friends with real friends so I’d much rather protect the circles I have. Please please respect my boundaries, that is all I ask.


I apologize in advance if I don’t respond quickly or interact often. I tend to shut off my notifications (esp Instagram) so I can focus on stuff I’m doing IRL. I rarely ever ghost people, so just in case you ever wonder if I’m avoiding you, no. I just tend to take social media breaks a lot.


I currently have a tons of deficiencies including: folate, B12, B6, and I have 0 hormones. /hj 🤡 I’m also stupidly lacking dopamine and I’m constantly battling brain fog ;-; NO CREEPS NO NO AWAY! SHOO!

No seriously, I’m not looking for anyone *that* way and you’re honestly wasting your time. Do not ask me “have you eaten yet” or I will hardblock you :|

I have nothing else to say

You can order me food panda or grab 🙄 I’m KIDDING… or maybe /hj (I like kimchi btw)

Naw man there can only be one sugar daddy in this relationship