Hispanic Heritage Month

Movies with corazón e historia

Why do we have time set aside to celebrate the different cultures that have built and made so much contribution to the U.S.? Because if we didn’t how disrespectful !

Our cultures No matter where you come from should actually be something we are embracing, teaching and constantly learning about. There is so much history to take that keeping it in constant conversation is something that can be done through a variety of different outlets one great way is through the art of film.
Movies do a great job at presenting to us ,history in a way that can strike a nerve, they change us. Here are a few we think you might be impacted by just as we were.


Frida Kahlo; An icon in Hispanic Heritage for reasons that go beyond her art. For many of us women she represents independence & innovation. This bio pic brings the emotion she portrayed throughout every piece of art to life. It introduces to us her role in history how she represented herself in her craft and made a name that out shadowed her husbands because it portrayed the vulnerability of a woman in different stages and parts of her life. It shows the divide she felt between her two cultures because of her European Heritage and also features some of the best performances by Selma Hyiak who play the infamous Artist. The music in this Film either performed by the Beautiful Mexican-Folk Fusion Vocalist Lila Downs or the late ‘Chavela’ Vargas a revolutionary who is known for her contribution to the reinterpretation of traditional ranchera and actual lover and Friend of Kahlo Is so cleverly placed in each scene. You learn so much about how her mind worked and how it gave to us some of the most touching pieces of art work.

Mi Famila

Starring some of our favorites such as Edward James Omos and Esai Morales. Mi Famila follows a particular family tree throughout thier lives as they’ve come from deep in Mexico into America. You will see how the culture manifested itself in their home , all while being effected by , the very real things most Hispanic families faced throughout the generations of migration and settlement. It covers 1st , 2nd and 3rd generation point of views that cut deep into history and what our culture represents today.

La Misma Luna

This independent Film will leave you heartbroken and crying with joy at the end. A mom and a son separated by the harsh realities that we see in today’s society for many hispanic families. It shows the positions in which children and parents find themselves in and which many fear. It also will help you understand the strength and character that builds our culture and why Familia , Respect , and Strength are the three words that represent it so well.

Rise & Shine

As we Meditate and Manifest Habits , focusing on our mornings is a great way to set the stage to succeed in them. Here are a few things we have learned that can help you reach the full potential of your day and self

Meditate FIRST

According to Chinese monks (that are actually sharing many of their sacred practices on YouTube) meditating as soon as we wake up actually sets the tone for the day and can keep us centered throughout it. Before even getting out of bed just breathing and being one with your body can bring your mind to a conscious level of simply being. This practice helps promote staying present with the day and lessens worry’s of yesterday or tomorrow and we are ALL FOR IT !

Improve your Mornings

Drink Lemon Aquita

Warm Lemon Water has so many benefits when it’s the first thing you drink every morning
here are a few :

1. Hydration
2. Skin clarity
3. Vitamin C immune boost
4. AIDS in Digestion
5. MENTAL clarity

Journal and let that S#!+ OUT

Sometimes we wake up in a funk and we don’t know why , sometimes we wake up and we like feel like zippiddy-do-dahing 🎶 , regardless it’s so important to know what you are feeling to give yourself exactly what your in need of that day. Feelings are fleeting but manifesting in the good ones helps us create positive environments and meditating on the bad ones helps us understand ourselves. Journaling is a great and simple way to just get our thoughts , feelings , expectations, and so much more OUT so we can achieve what we need and want to for the day, without feeling mentally overwhelmed or over stimulated.

Take a hike honey LITERALLY !

Vitamin D , getting outside is great for our moods, skin, babies, family, EVERYTHING. To be in nature and just embrace the calming feeling of a walk and all that it can do for us on a mental level and physical gets us right on an emotional and spiritual! It’s one of those things that can CURE ALL and should be done daily even if just for an hour

EAT a breakfast you actually ENJOY

We believe that as long as your drinking your water , staying hydrated and Eating mindfully that it all works together for your good. You don’t need to be on a health crazed diet but you don’t need to eat donut EVERY Mai gel day either be conscious or your food choices and eat what you love , balance it out and get excited for breakfast it’s the most important meal and the FIRST of the day, do it up !

Take a shower and inhale !

Adding Eucalyptus to your shower is so good for you here’s why!

1. Mental Clarity
2. Helps with headaches
3. Mood enhancer
4. And it looks and smells so naturally fresh and beautiful

This makes a morning shower so much more of an actual health and beauty benefit that as women making these choices can genuinely add so much little joy to our lives and make our mornings that much more exciting !

She’s IT!

Lety Escobar , Our first Feature and we couldn’t have picked better !

Do you want to know what’s amazing about social media, it’s that out of the millions of people that we follow only a handful are genuine in their intentions, positive in their message and have that real sense of self that defines true confidence.

Lety Escobar, a mom, entrepreneur and friend is one of the women who embodies these rare descriptions of the go getter modern woman who knows how to navigate the world of social media in a way that spreads empowerment to the women that follow her. At 26 she takes on the role of being the oldest of 9, Being a mom to her two beautiful babies and main care taker for her daughter Lana. Somehow she still finds time to put a positive & REAL message out for her followers , friends and family to be impacted by on the daily.

Wearing our “honey, honey” Top w / a one of a Kind plaid School Girl Skirt Designed and sewn by Lety

Her enterpeure skills that she utilizes in her partnership with Monet are just second to the message she spreads for women. She encourages, uplifts and has something that you probably need to be listening to , like right now !

Wearing our “PYT” Vintage Rampage Mini Dress

We were so excited that she accepted our invite as our first official feature ! Our conversation since then has been nothing but everything we stand for here at KTSmag and everything she’s about which includes Life, Love and Discovery. Luckily you guys will get an inside on this conversation as she co hosts our first pod cast (airing 9/24 on Spotify ) and we dish , share ideas and give you gals the scoop on Meditating and Manifesting a life that you love and this all starts with Habits.

Know Thy Self Podcast Air 9/24 @5pm PST ONLY ON Spotify

Habits play a huge part of Manifesting routine, and knowing what to Meditate on trains our minds for a more positive mind set. Lety has been able to make that happen for herself in the midst of motherhood, loss and taking on the role of caretaker all while running her own health & beauty business from home. Join us this Friday as we get into conversation about having the courage, the discipline and positivity to create a life for ourselves that genuinely reflect our passions and purpose in life!

Xoxo Amaris 💋 ,EIC of KTSmag

A Good Day starts with Good Habits

6am, LoFi Meditation , The strongest coffee in the World & Putting Yo face on

Habits genuinely form our life, and cultivating one we love starts with how we spend each of the days and and moments that make up our life. No matter the planning, the research, or the books we read, if we don’t start today doing those little things that excite us and our mornings or motivate our passions none of what we have learned will come together. We must whistle while we work , enjoy the little growth that comes with what we are learning to see the results we are looking for.


Knowthyselfhoney / THE SHOP

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( Artist Unknown)

As fall approaches this year & our days will be spent watching the rain fall from our window or cozied up with a book or movie we invite you to meditate and manifest with us.

This Month we are going to dive into these two words by exploring the actions necessary to cultivate a life around your purpose. We will be featuring all of our favorite brands, social media personalities and more that genuinely represent these words along with exclusive items from our shop.

Fall is our favorite season here at KTSmag and we are excited to be launching our first issue during what we know will be the most productive and anticipated time of the year in 2021 after a rocky and even lonely 2020.

We hope you enjoy, are inspired and can learn from this months issue and all it will offer.

With Love, Amaris 💋
EIC of KTSmag


An Introduction

Dear Readers , Here is something True and Dear to Mí Corazon.

Every Year ,especially in what I call the “Terrible Twenties “ we experience so many different people, places & emotions , that it’s as if we are rediscovering the world again. All that we manifest & sew in these moments are what we will reep in our future years and that goes for any stage of life.

Knowing Ourselves is the beauty that we see through each moment of growth we invite in. It is a Life Long Discovery of Self Love. It’s being free in how we perceive the world and feeling liberated to create from that place.

KTSmag is an archive that has been inspired and now manifested itself From Art, Fashion to Films and the Books and People that have genuinely made an impact in my life. Somehow despite it all I have been able to end up here with a passion to write , create and photograph in a way that fuels my soul and my purpose is that I can help inspire you to find what fuels yours.

With Love
EIC of KTS mag Amaris 💋

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What we say to ourselves

How it makes and breaks who we are

We can be habitually negative on a very unconscious level. This negativity is usually from within and has so much to do with how we speak to ourselves and so many other outside factors from our life. Personal experiences from childhood contribute along with how we experience the world as we develop into adulthood but it’s 100% our responsibility to evaluate our “self-talk” and where it’s coming from and teach ourselves how to do so in healthy ways.
To evaluate there are so many different ways to approach our own observations of ourselves. Journaling, watching our habits for those unconscious phrases we use when things fail.
And ready being self aware on how it’s affecting us and translating into our actions.
Positive self talk isn’t idealistic like it’s modeled it’s realistic and raw. To gain a genuine grasp on it we must understand our truths good and bad and be able to positively reinforce ourselves . Seeing ourselves for who we are and giving ourselves grace to grow into the people we want starts simply with the conversation within.