Ashley Harris

Business Finance Strategist & Trainer

Hi, I'm Ashley Harris, CEO of Behind the Numbers Financial Consulting, LLC and creator of Know Your Money Honey brand. I am a passionate business financial strategist and trainer whose committed to helping YOU in the spa/beauty/wellness business to stay solvent, increase your business financial IQ, and level up your business acumen (CEOship) for cash flow clarity and profit confidence.

With my 17 years of experience related to audit, accounting, tax and business operations, I have worked with both public and private companies. Over the years, I have developed a sound and deep knowledge in different areas which includes but not limited to financial and operational auditing, management accounting, forecasting, planning and analysis, financial system design and implementation, process improvements, risk management and managing multi-million dollar company as Controller & CFO.

Leveraging on my wealth of accounting and tax industry experience and deep knowledge, I have created the Know Your Money Honey for emerging and growing business owners like you to learn what is needed to successfully manage the "money stuff" in your business for clarity, confidence and ease so that you can make smart business decisions to increase your profits and cash flow long term.

Get ready to learn, cause I am ready to teach!