About Me

How I went from Executive Assistant to helping therapists increase their audience, attract more clients, and build their online authority through social media

Hi, I’m Samantha 👋

💪 I’m a Social Media Manager on a mission to help busy therapists make the most of social media so they can take back control of their precious time and focus on what they love most.

Before becoming a social media manager and pursuing my passion of helping mental health professionals make a bigger impact online by spending LESS time on social media, I was an executive assistant to the managing director of a software development company. While that sounds like a perfectly good job (and it I did enjoy it!) the day-to-day reality of being an EA was being constantly busy, always feeling – and being – ‘on call’ and a seemingly endless list of duties and responsibilities.

The overwhelm was real!
Being all too familiar with that feeling of overwhelm and a to-do list that just. won’t. quit. it was clear to me that this was something I wanted to help my clients with first and foremost.

My overarching goal when working with therapists is helping them to break free from that busyness and overwhelm cycle by making social media simpler; handing them back a chunk of time (up to 6 hours a week!) so they can do more of what they love and less of what they don’t.