All our innovation in your hands

Koalemus is a company dedicated to intelligent and innovative technology, whose purpose is to satisfy your needs and take care of our world.

Why we stand out

The system used by us is innovative and non-exsistent in the market.

We provide our new project; Kayros, an innovative watch with the latest technology. It has a kinetic charger that allows you to charge all your devices anytime anywhere.

Our company

An environmentally-friendly company

We have enforced strict rules and regulations on all of our products and facilities, to develop new more sustainable technologies. Not only to better ourselves in the process, but also better the world.

Installing solar panels on the rooftops. ☀️

The use of solar panels is very effective to avoid polluting as much as the rest of the companies, that is why we use solar panels in all our facilities.

Recycling and reusing all of our waste. ♻️

Our company recycles all the waste, with the aim of protecting our planet. The recycling process is done with specialized enginery that uses 100% renewable energy.

Donating extra funds into research. 🔍

In order to improve ourselves, we want to continue with research for new innovative and environmentally-friendly technologies, therefore, part of our inputs will be used for the research and improvement of this company.


Our merchandising plan

To become popular in the market we have created our marketing and merchandising plan.
Take a look at some of our merchandising products, some of them, like the t-shirts and the facemask will be mostly used by the employees.