About me.

Hi my name is Kodie Helmer. You may know me as your "5ft. tall big sister". I am a wife of 15 years to an amazing man named Christopher. We have 6 really great kids together.....and I used to be the "Make sure I'm NOT in the picture" Mom.

I remember when I used to walk into a store and buy the largest flowy shirts I could find to hide as much of myself as possible. Fitting room? You mean room of hell and torture? I mean, why did they not have tissues in there? I told myself I hated shopping but really, I hated my body. Instead of walking out with cute things that I loaded bags of items that just made me feel the least overweight.

I got on the scale OFTEN....first thing in the morning, after a poop, before a shower, after a shower, before bed. It beckoned me like the clown IT from the storm drain and every time I stood on it I was more disappointed than Georgie🎈

I did the diets, I drank the shakes, I ate the tiny frozen dinners. I was hungry and mad and wanted to burn the house down. Nothing worked so I started telling myself things like, "You have had 6 kids, you are supposed to be fat, that's normal!" "Men don't like skinny girls anyway....right Chris?" "I am getting older." "I am focusing on my family not myself, that's selfless beautiful thing." Who was I kidding, I was pissed off!

When I found Plexus, money was TIGHT. Chris was working 2 and sometimes 3 jobs and we were barely making ends meet. But, I kept asking myself, "what if it worked? Oh my GOD, what if it worked?!?" I looked at our budget and I made an executive decision, mostly out of desperation and belief that this could be the thing that changed everything. I took money from our already tight grocery budget and planned cheap meals for a week to cover my butt. Then, I told Chris "just trust me."

I got my products and did what I was supposed to do. At 3 weeks in I walked into the bathroom and stared down my bathroom scale, like Wyatt Eerp in a Western and hopped on..."What?!" I had not lost an OUNCE. Devastated, I had a choice to make...continue and trust the process knowing this was a SOLUTION and not a quick fix or do what I always did and quit, I mean I could have given a plethora of excuses....but, I didn't I actually stood there butt naked and sobbing while my husband told me all of my health wins. Yep, he told ME all of the things that I wasn't noticing because I was so focused on the stupid scale. He reminded me that I was falling asleep without my sleeping pills, I wasn't finishing my sodas, I was laughing and smiling more, I hadn't even opened a box of Immodium AD that I was basically living on (If you suffer from IBS-D, stop reading and message me...I don't care if you are on the toilet when you do it, we have got to fix that girlfriend!) Listen, I was still fat but I was changing and it was good. So, I kept going.

I knew Plexus was working for others.....why not me? I too was worthy of a healthy/fit body, I was worth the time and money. And sister, so are YOU!

My life was never the same after I made that choice. 90 days on the products I was able to come off of prescription and OTC medications for issues that plagued me most of my life. I wasn't running to the bathroom all day anymore or buying mass quantities of Immodium AD, I stopped checking my blood sugars 4 times a day because my sugars were normal, I had energy to play with my kids again, my mood was happier and more even keeled, I was enjoying my life again, my face cleared up (finally!!), I completely quit drinking soda, the pain in my bad shoulder was gone, my nails that I used to pick constantly from anxiety were growing, I was sleeping like a baby, AND I was down 24lbs!

6 years later, here I am! I am healthy, happy, and earning six figures with Plexus. I am loving life while helping people like YOU do what I did. I don't avoid the store or people. I'm not the mean mom or the one who hides when the camera comes out. I have never felt more happy, healthy, beautiful, or STRONG and I have created a large organization, spaning multiple countries empowering, mentoring, and celebrating women who are making a choice to show up healthy + happy in their own life by taking control of their mental and physical health with Plexus.

Okay sister, this is your 5ft tall big sister with a message to LOVE yourself enough to say YES. Self love isn't selfish. They need you. This could be the last thing that you ever try! Real health and healing takes time but you are worth the time and the effort and I am here for it.